In praise of dungarees


I’ve talked about my (self-imposed) no trousers uniform extensively in the past, but last Autumn I made baby steps back towards clothes with designated leg holes in the form of DUNGAREES.

It all started when I was looking for a denim dungaree dress. There was nothing to my liking to be found on the high street or otherwise and with some idea about a DIY job, I ended up looking for dungaree shorts in vintage stores instead.

Reader, I tried those dungaree shorts on and I fell in love. I don’t know what I was thinking really – anyone who turned a pair of jeans into a skirt in the early 00s wil know just how ugly those DIYs are, with the denim triangle patch thing in the middle. Gross. It was meant to be!


Anyway, there I was in my dungaree shorts in the changing room of Rokit last September and now look at me, they’ve barely left my backside since. They’re perfect for everything! I mean, the 90s wash I opted for and my general state of disarray mean they probably wouldn’t be suitable for a proper evening event but for just about everything else, they win!

Train journey home for Christmas/Christmas tree disposal: dungarees! Can’t be arsed at work: dungarees! Trying to feel cool and like I’ve thought about an outfit: dungarees!

They side step all my trouser issues really well – these being, in short, big bum + small waist = ill-fitting trousers. The only ones that ever work are Gok Wan-approved high-waisted, wide-leg, dark-wash numbers and I’m not ready to do that. Dungarees have leg holes, sure, but they are big flappy leg holes and then the top half is nice and snug and perfect.

It’s about this time you might be expecting an outfit post. My thoughts on leg-holed-garments may have changed, but my thoughts on my ugly face haven’t. SOZ.

So, here’s a simulated version of what I’ve been wearing. All Topshop and ASOS, all the time? They just make it easy to find similar things, OK?


Dungarees – see below; Topshop shirt that no longer exists but that I wear all the time; black Office wedges that are a ringer for my ol’ faithfuls; standard ASOS black beanie


A basic Breton stripe top or jumper like this one from Topshop; big clompy shoes, always; big gold earrings, always


Big earrings; cool rings and more; something see-through like this Topshop Western shirt I’m a bit obsessed with but unsure how to wear; clompy boots; and a cool hat (is this getting a bit cowboy?)


The best jumper Topshop ever made, since that pink one last year; another brill felt hat; work-approps shoes; and summat spiky.

Important note: My dungarees are way better than these. These are the clip-art of dungarees. I found them on ShopStyle and they served a purpose, but they aren’t as nice as mine ya know?

Ideally, the next step would be some shorts of this nature but that’s getting closer to the trouser issue again – anything that fits my backside in will have a horrible gaping hole at the waist. Ho hum.

[Pictures: Pinterest, Fashionising, Pinterest, PinterestFashion is Spinach]

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