OMG X-Girl is back





Much like the author of this blog, X-Girl is back.

Much like the author of this blog, X-Girl isn’t entirely back so don’t get too excited.

The cult 90s label – synonymous with Sassy and Sevigny and owned by the supreme queen, Kim Gordon – never really went away but as it was only available at inflated prices all the way in Japan, it might as well have.

Now, US streetwear site VFiles has made the utterly brilliant decision to reintroduce it – and while a British supplier would obviously be preferable for my wallet, this is a vast improvement. So far it’s pretty much t-shirts and carabiners but I guess that’s not such a bad thing. When I was a teenager I would have killed for an X-Girl t-shirt and I’m sure a carabiner would have got more use back then with my wallet chain(s) than it would now so there’s probably not too much room for improvement.

Teen Vogue was, appropriately, where I found this story and I was also pleased to discover that they’d dug out THE old video of Kim’s first-ever X Girl catwalk show. Featuring Chloe walking. And produced by Sofia ‘n’ Spike. Sadly you can’t watch it in the UK but foreign readers, enjoy. If anyone ever finds this video on YouTube again then holler at me fast – it seems to get taken down instantly whenever it reappears.

You can shop X-Girl once more here.

PS Much like X-Girl, I have also been abroad.. Vegas, again, then a nice trip to San Francisco tagged on the end – in case you were wondering.

[Pictures of Chloe: Vice]


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