I want Cara Delevingne’s braided buns

DKNY x OC Cara hair 2DKNY x OC Cara hair

I have an all-out guilty pleasure obsession with Cara Delevingne at the moment. I’m sure everyone else is fed up with seeing her face everywhere, but not me – the combination of posh heritage, wish-I-get-away-with-it-onesie style, hotdog-love and general goon behaviour is too much for me to pass up on.

And who better than Cara, really, to front the DKNY x Opening Ceremony campaign? She’s already doing the mainline ads (in which she looks amazing) and as a nineties streetwear fiend, it just makes sense for her to do this too doesn’t it?

But it’s not the collection that I’m excited about so much, it’s those China buns. Is any hairstyle more synonymous with the nineties than those bad boys? I’ll always remember my BFF Vicki wearing them with a silver lurex maxi dress on NYE 1999 (LOL) and they’ve also been rocked by all my heroes from Kenickie to Shampoo to the entire cast of The Tribe – yes, I have an entire post dedicated to the style of that show.

When Marc Jacobs did double China buns the season before last I was hoping that it might be the beginning of a revival but so far no dice. With LFW just around the corner and me all set to spend another week hanging around backstage with hairdressers 24/7, fingers crossed this might be the season it happens.

Of the DKNY collection, by the way, Opening Ceremony is bringing back fifteen reissued key pieces from the nineties archives including bodycon dresses and typically branded sportswear.

Jane Chung, Executive Vice President of Design for DKNY said: “I have always loved Opening Ceremony. Their unique and creative point of view mixed
with 90’s throw backs are very reminiscent of DKNY’s core DNA. They were a natural partner to reissue iconic styles from our early years.”

It goes on sale today in Opening Ceremony stores in NYC, London, Los Angeles and Tokyo and is also available online.


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