A few nice things from Avenue 32


There’s nothing I like more than pre-fashion week shopping binge. Despite the fact I spend the entire time running around backstage talking to hairdressers, it still feels like a good excuse to Buy New Stuff and mentally categorise it under ‘useful things I need for work’.

Alas this season I am on a strict budget of £0 (I promise I will stop banging on about my travels soon) so no new stuff can be purchased – but that doesn’t mean I can’t make a pretend wishlist of everything that I would like to be wearing.

As it happens, Avenue 32 asked me if I wanted to a pick a few nice things from their site for some kind of fantasy shopping spree, so here’s a pretend list of what I’d like to be wearing this London Fashion Week.

[Clockwise from bottom left]

1. This is where fantasy really comes into play, because when you’re not being ushered around by car at LFW you clearly aren’t going to wear ridiculous sandals. I love the shape of the heel on these Calvin Klein Verushka heels and they’re (sort of) named after one of my favourite models which makes them bona fide fashion-week gear, right?

2 and 3. I’ve learnt to live with my ManHands recently and have amassed a big old collection of rings. I honestly owned about two before and they were the plastic novelty variety, so it’s been quite the adventure buying new ones.  This Zara Simon New York skyline piece is ridiculously beautiful (and expensive) while the Sarah Chloe Signature ring is a bit more budget friendly and appeals to my all-things-personalised-all-the-time nature.

4. This Anndra Neen Triangle necklace is quite a departure from my usual style, but this season I’ve been wearing quite a lot of plain jersey bits (see previous post on attempting to dress like an adult) which would be the perfect complement to a statement piece like this.

5. Sunglasses. Got to have them at fashion week, haven’t you? When I’m crawling into some backstage space at 6am (hairdressers and their early starts will never be normal) no-one needs to see my face and these Cutler and Gross Red Cat Eyes will cover more than enough while tricking people into thinking I look glamorous.

6. When I see people sitting at shows with headphones on I’m always astounded at how rude it is – the music is as much part of the show as anything else, in my opinion. I may make an exception for these Frends Gold Layla headphones though – mmm, rose gold. Definitely have a look at the technology section of Avenue 32 if you want a bit of drool-infused escapism, BTW.

6. There’s no bag big enough to carry all the junk that I lug around with me every season, but this Calvin Klein Persimmon Satchel looks like it might give it a good shot. And it matches the shoes, which always pleases me.

7. Rarely seen without a beanie these days, although one of my favourite session stylists yesterday told me that he never recognised me when I cover up my hair so maybe I need to ease off them. Still, for those cold early starts, this North Circular Jet Wool Beanie looks like a very appealing option.

8. It’s a bit twenties, it’s red, it’s Roksanda – this summer dress couldn’t be any more perfect. I know it’s a bit of a fashion magazine cliché but it’s definitely something that could be (here it comes) dressed up or down pretty easily. Black tights and boots for work, sandals for a night out – no brainer, duh.

9. I’m a firm believer in investing in a good winter coat, which is why I have a spare room full of them. That’s how it works, right? This Thakoon Addition Khaki Drawstring Trench is a perfect smartened-up version of the fail-safe parka. Next step; learning how not to be a grubby bugger and make a mess of those nice white sleeves.

[This is a sponsored post, to help pay for me to sit on a beach in Mexico and eat tacos]

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