In praise of the micro-fringe


I don’t know if working in the hair industry has given me a new appreciation for weird hair, or whether it’s the opposite – spending so much time at shows and shoots you quickly become aware of the repetitive nature of trends, so anything weird immediately attracts my attention. Whatever the reason, I have developed a total obsession with the micro-fringe – it’s a bit ugly, it’s quite unwearable and it’s something that always seems to divide opinion.

They first came to my attention a couple of seasons ago when Kenna used clip-in mini fringes at Jean-Pierre Braganza (and recreated the look on me) – then last season we saw them all over the place. I think my favourites for Spring/Summer were the  mega-geek styles at Miu Miu and teenage sulky girl ones at Simone Rocha that I obsessed about here.

This season, we’ve already got off to a good start with even more clip-in wonky fringes at Thakoon – I am totally, utterly in love with this look. Session stylist Odile Gilbert was the brains behind the look, which she explained to The Gloss was;

… a two-level haircut, very conceptual, [with] something cute about it. We wanted it to look like the model is playing with a bang that she wants to try—we didn’t want to hide [the wig] or anything. It’s like an accessory, almost. It’s a tiny bob but not on the other side… There’s something very interesting about it.

I love how obvious the tracks of the extensions are, how they’ve used a contrasting colour, how the fringe has steps out of it, how they look kinda bald from one side.

All praise the weird fashion week hair and long may it continue, please!

Top to bottom: Thakoon, Thakoon, Miu Miu, Simone Rocha – all via


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