Maria Francesca Pepe Autumn/Winter 2013

Maria Francesca Pepe Autumn/Winter 2013

As usual, I want everything in the new Maria Francesca Pepe collection. It’s always a bit like an insight into my teenage brain (but like, how my teenage brain envisioned me dressing as an adult) and this season I think it just about excels itself.

Eyes and skulls and crosses and studs – particularly into those two-part rings, designed to be worn with one in the top section of the finger (intermediate phalange, I believe) and the other at the base. As usual there are some updates on her classic spiked rings, which I am building a nice collection off. This dual-horned one is probably uniform for a Taurus so I guess I’ll have to get it and the double finger ring is also pretty appealing.

As this collection is so clearly inspired by things I drew on the back of maths books in year seven, I figured I’d add my own additions to the lookbook – Maria, you’re welcome.


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