Backpacker-approved jewellery courtesty of Venessa Arizaga


Woven handmade jewellery is probably the last thing I need to be looking at before I depart in to the sunset on my travels – as I understand it, stringy bracelets are as much a necessity for someone travelling around Mexico with a backpack as Havianas and an efnic blanket to pin on your wall when you get home.

Still, these are kind of a step up from that.

Venessa Arizaga’s friendship bracelets have just landed on Goodhood and, as with anything on Goodhood, I want. I am on a self-imposted spending ban, this much is true, but I don’t know if you’re allowed to go travelling without something like this attached to your wrist.

Prices start at £39, which might be more than you pay on a beach in Puerto Escondido but there is the added advantage that you’ll probably wear them for the rest of your life as opposed to a few weeks when you get back from your adventures.

Buy ’em here!


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