Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

Rick Owens Winny Puhh


1. Did you see the Rick Owens SS14 show? Or perhaps, did you hear the Rick Owens SS14 show? Estonian Eurovision heavy metal rejects, Winny Puhh, were the surprise guests and jolly loud they were too. Thumbs up. Charlie Porter, obviously, reviews it best. [Picture: Business of Fashion]

2. This week I learned how to repair a split nail with a tea-bag. This is an essential life skill that you should all take five minutes to read up on.

3. Browns are clearing out their archives! And what archives they are. Up to 80%  off classic pieces from the likes of McQueen, Christopher Kane and Balenciaga. Prices start at £50, so stay in tonight, watch Duck Dynasty on the History channel (YES) and use the money to buy nice clothes instead. More details here.

Antipodium XOXO emoji blouse

4. And speaking of sales, Antipodium has 70% off on the website for the next three days only. That’s right, the emoji collection is included. EMOJI THUMBS UP.

5. Did you see the Mr T fashion show I posted on Twitter earlier this week? [Via my adored Teenage]

6. Which woman should go on a British bank note next?

7. If you liked the Black Flag edition of The Art of Punk, you’ll love the newly-released Dead Kennedys one. Misfits next, please!


8. Send all? Oh I really like this Tumblr of emails sent to the whole office. 


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