A little bit of aloha

3.1 Philip Lim SS14 Menswear - aloha printPrada SS14 Menswear - Aloha print 2Prada SS14 Menswear - Aloha print

See, now I promised not to keep talking about the lolidays but here we go again – although truth be told, I’ve always been a fan of aloha print.

Big, bold Polynesian prints aren’t just a Hawaiian stereotype, they’re a way of life – everyone seems to have an aloha shirt or two on the islands and they’re certainly not just worn by tourists or staff in novelty restaurants on Waikiki. Aloha shirts are actually considered as formalwear – something you’d wear to a wedding or to work in a bank or something, you know?

Anyway, you can read a much better Hawaiian shirt history lesson here if you’re so inclined, the point of this post was to admire the aloha prints on the catwalks in the men’s spring/summer 2014 collections. At 3.1 Phillip Lim and Prada, we were treated to some excellent aloha-print bags and floral-festooned outfits that would put even the most flamboyant Hawaiian to shame.

I think it can be tricky to take an aloha print out of context and not have it look tacky, but the Philip Lim pieces feel extremely elegant and, obviously, Prada makes everything work always. If you check out the close-ups on Charlie Porter’s backstage blog you will undoubtedly fall in love with them even more. SWOON.

Porter x Atmos aloha print

I’m mighty glad those two decided to show aloha prints, because it gives me an excuse to post this bag of dreams from a collaboration between Porter and atmos which I’ve had bookmarked for about four months. Don’t you just hate those exclusive Japanese streetwear collaborations?

Alternative name for this post: seven bags that I would really like, but will never be able to afford.

(That’s the Hawaiian version of a sad trombone.)


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