Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

Jones and Payne style hair for Shu Uemura pop-up salon at BoxPark in Shoreditch

1. If you want your hair done for free this weekend, the lovely and talented team from Jones & Payne are staffing a pop-up salon for Shu Uemura at BoxPark in Shoreditch until Sunday. You can choose from three hairstyles (and one for guys) and in a matter of twenty minutes, you’ll walk out looking brilliant. I got the ponytail above on my visit – judge for yourself how awesome I look here!

It’s not often you get your hair done for free and certainly not with products as high-end as Shu Uemura’s – and with this weekend set to be super-sunny, I can’t imagine much better than getting a quick updo en route to whatever social engagements you have planned.

Of course you can also buy Shu Uemura products at the pop-up (I recommend Touch of Gloss and Volume Maker) AND you can get eyelashes put on. They’re basically encouraging you to sit in a beer garden and look amazing. Appointments are booking up fast (although you can just walk by and see if they’ll fit you in) – call 0207 613 6553 to secure a spot.

2. Here’s a genuinely interesting article about why Bill Cosby wore all those crazy jumpers. Clue: it’s not just because it was the 80s.

3. And while we’re on the Collectors Weekly blog, did I already post this link about why the latest film version of The Great Gatsby gets flappers wrong, again?

4. Why everyone secretly wants hair like Hanson. Who says it’s a secret?

5. I didn’t see much Glastonbury coverage because I was bent over a toilet vomming all weekend. Thanks, food poisoning, you make the festival experience so much more authentic. Still, I did take the time to catch up king Nick Cave acting like a prize madman during their set. Remarkable stuff. Also, nice to know he favours a redhead.

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