Sun, silence and happiness

pastel summer outfit post

When putting together a fantasy Avenue 32 wishlist, my thoughts naturally turned to the glorious weather we’re enjoying. Specifically, what I’d like to wear for a long walk in the countryside armed only with a book and enough cash to buy a pint and pork pie at some mythical rural pub.

Once an art student, always an art student – this American edition of Nancy Mitford’s The Pursuit of Love has been lurking in my saved Feedly items for a while and this seemed the perfect opportunity to use it as a basis for some kind of palette for my fictional English day out.

And, tying everything together and setting the scene for a gloriously solitary sunny day in the country… here’s a dreamy passage from the book to mull on;

She lay back, and all was light and warmth. Life, she though, is sometimes sad and often dull, but there are currants in the cake and here is one of them… Sun, silence, and happiness.

Blissful. And even more blissful to be enjoying that trio in a tasteful outfit, worthy of one of Nancy’s protagonists.

1. Alexander Lewis Lilac Wool Waffle Jumper, £430 there’s a wealth of beautiful fabrics from Alexander Lewis on Avenue 31, including on some dreamy 60s hats and Judy Jetson dresses. Love a waffle knit and lilac stops things from being too wintery – although we all know that a jumper is a useful addition on an English evening when the sun goes down.

2. APC Chambray Cotton Shorts, £66 – something remarkably Famous Five about the shape of these shorts, and lord knows I love chambray. APC also have a chambray jumpsuit that I can’t even think about because I’m too hot, but which would be smashing for when things cool down slightly.

3. Zoe Lee Silver Shoe Boots, £182 – it’s a recurring joke amongst my family that I never wear sensible footwear for outdoor activities, so I’d be happy to prove the point in these silver sandals. The heel’s only tiny. It’s fine. I’m fine. I walk everywhere in these…

4. APC Brick Leather Half Moon Bag, £290 – see previous point. Who needs a rucksack when you could be storing your water bottle and Kendal mint cake in a glossy red leather bag with gold embossing?

5. Wunderkind Purple Ocelot Cat-Eyes, £195 – well these are just perfect. Enter your own sunglasses heaven round about here.

6. Vilshenko Ivory Silk Ekaterina Blouse, £210 – maybe an expensive silk blouse also falls into the same category as number three… but if a billowing silky blouse is good enough for Meatloaf and Mr Darcy, it’s good enough for me. And besides, that embroidery is just crying out for a lying-in-the-grass Instagram shot.

7. Marie Mercié Natural Lilli Hat, £310 – because what’s a day out in the countryside without a straw hat?


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