Antipodium Resort 2014: Teddy boy-tastic


Goes without saying that I love the latest Antipodium collection. It’s like Geoffrey Finch climbs in my brain and has a rootle around each season – Emoji, Palm Springs, Goodbye Horses, religious tat… it just works every time.

The Resort 2014 collection – The Teddy Boy’s Picnic – is inspired by Cry Baby, Teddy boys (obv), queen beens and wannabes and ‘delinquent cheerleaders’ and if that doesn’t make you smile, you’re not my kinda gal. The prints look especially exciting – I can’t quite make them out from the lookbook images but it looks as though there’s cartoon bears and cocktails so that’s an awesome start.

Roll on resort season!

(Don’t you just love Bad Manners? I also like how my model gif appears to dance in time to the music – I’d like to think that was something to do with me understanding music but it’s just a happy coincidence.)


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