Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

Scott and Zelda

You guys, I hate it when these things appear right next to each other. Not just because it’s boring for everyone, but because it serves as a reminder to me that I’ve had a gross week of work with no time to do anything fun in my free time.


Oh well, here goes.

1. has launched! No prizes for guessing what this site’s about, but it might surprise you just how lovely it is. A scrollable whole lotta history about everyone’s favourite ‘charming vagabonds’, as their Facebook page says. [Pic: NY Times]

2. The Ultimate Valley Girl competition is terrifying. AND REAL.


3. Soho in the 1950s always sounds fairly thrilling. Actually, Soho anytime pre-1990s sounds brill. You can relive a bit of mid-century London life TOMORROW and on Sunday 18 August with Back in the Day Walks, who will guide you around ‘jazz clubs, coffee bars and drinking dens’ for the princely sum of £10. Find out more here. [Pic: Nickel in the Machine]

4. It’s a Peckham takeover at the V&A tonight! I know it’s a bit short notice, but V&A’s Friday Lates are always fun – drinking beer in a museum after dark never stops being amazing – and with added SE musical, artistic and cultural additions you’re all set for a winner. And it’s free! See more about the programme here, or just leave your house now and see me shortly.

5. Did you see IRL Daria yet?

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