CZ Guest and Linda Ramone: a tale of two stylish gals

C Z Guest style

I’ve never been particularly concerned about getting old – ask me again in a few months when the big 3-0 is looming closer, but generally it doesn’t phase me too much; perhaps because I’ve always admired the style of older ladies. I don’t mean nanas (although obviously there’s a lot to be said for nana-chic), more proper adult grown-up women – because as we know, I never feel too much like a grown-up.

This week I came across two stories which further encouraged me to feel positive about growing up and dressing like it – although the two women at the heart of those two stories are about as different in their personal styles as it’s possible to get.

Item one for the defence: the new book about CZ Guest. American Style Icon is a celebration of preppy fashion, as can only truly be demonstrated by a WASPy, horse-riding, 50s socialite. She’s actually the covergirl on my beloved tome, A Privileged Life, and is the pinnacle of clean, streamlined, feminine style. I wish I could half the class she oozed – and as you can see in my hastily-assembled moodboard, she even hung out with Iggy Pop so she must have been a cool broad. See also; her Diego Rivera portrait.


Item two for the defence: these pictures of Linda Ramone at the ninth annual Johnny Ramone tribute. Johnny’s late wife is a bonafide fashion guru and, who am I kidding, a much more realistic style icon for an overgrown teenager like me.

This Harper’s Bazaar profile only adds fuel to the fire (in my loins); “The word beige isn’t even in her lexicon,” says friend Rose McGowan. “One never knows what Linda is going to wear, but when she arrives, heads turn,” says close friend Priscilla Presley (!!).

She hates Uggs, shops at Versace, Cavalli and D&G and only owns one pair of flats – cowboy boots, in case she “encounters some uneven terrain, like she did during a trip to Disneyland.”

Whichever one of these women is my destiny, I still feel pretty good about getting older.

[Linda pictures: MTV Hive; Zimbio; Harpers; Sometime in LA; Flickr]

[CZ Guest pictures: 1st Dibs; Mark D Sikes; Landlord Rock NYC; My Luscious Life; Tory Burch; Justin Teodoro; What is James Wearing?]

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