LightRails: A tunnel of love by Bill FitzGibbons

Lightrails Birmingham Alabama

Lightrails Birmingham Alabama

Artist Bill FitzGibbons has transformed an abandoned railway bridge in Birmingham, Alabama in to a rainbow dream tunnel.

Some (I) would argue that the art deco tunnel, which dates back to 1931, is fairly glorious on its own, but apparently it had become a bit dark and creepy in recent years so Bill was called in to jazz things up.

And jazz things up he has. A digitalised LED light show forming various patterns has transformed the space, making it a much more attractive place to hang out. You can read more about it – and see more of Bill’s brilliant light projects – here.

Kind of has Bruce Springsteen Tunnel of Love vibes, doesn’t it? Not just because it’s a tunnel and not just because I like to shoehorn the Boss in wherever I can, but actually really it does – the neon fairground lighting, the angular shapes, the sexing up of a bog-standard tunnel…

Kinda reminds me of the art under the San Antonio boardwalk.


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