Teenage film FINALLY gets a release date!

I bore people to death all the time talking about Jon Savage’s book Teenage: The Creation of Youth. I can’t help it; it’s bloody brilliant. It should be required reading for anyone with a job in fashion, culture, journalism or Daily Mail commenting.

Some time ago, a film based on the book was discussed and I have been patiently awaiting its release ever since; mostly by lurking the blog, which is brilliant and a constant source of inspiration for me.

Well hip, hip hooray the day is here; the film gets its UK premiere at the BFI on 10 October with tickets for all of £12.50. There’s also a screening at the Ritzy in Brixton on 11 October and then at the Vue West End on 13 October – Brixton is £12.50 too, with the Vue screening at a princely £16.

I swear there was a trailer knocking around, but I can’t find it now – so instead, enjoy this snippet from 80 Blocks from Tiffanys; a 1979 documentary about gangs in the Bronx which the blog looked at here.


2 thoughts on “Teenage film FINALLY gets a release date!

  1. I am so excited about this – I booked my ticket today.

    For more youth inspiration, have you seen the new PY-Zine? http://py-zine.com/ It’s based around the great imagery in the PYMCA archive – which is fantastic in itself – but it looks like they have lots of plans to grow it with new articles and digitising magazines. I think it may fill the post-Teenage gap in my life!

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