Lovin’ Loredana Bertè

Fashion events are often a prime place to see the Shazam app in action – I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve Shazamed catwalk music in the past, before hastily writing a tweet about how much I’m enjoying said tune. What? It’s not as bad as the girl me and Iso saw at an Antipodium ‘do Shazaming 1979. How is anyone who is old enough to be at party not old enough to know the Smashing Pumpkins’ finest work?

This season’s Moschino show – marking their 30th anniversary – was a total treat in every aspect; from the guest appearances by actual bonafide SUPER, supermodels to the utter joy of seeing so many design classics on the catwalk (the bin bag gown! The paper bag!). The music was also gleeful, but I did have to whip out my phone and Shazam one song once Gloria Gaynor had piped down –  on my laptop, I hasten to add. The song in question turned out to be Loredana Bertè’s Non Sono Una Signora; an Italian soft rock monster of a song, which quickly lead me to Google the shit out of the mysterious Loredana. Turns out she’s a badass!

Loredana Bertè style


I don’t know much more (apart from that she was married to Bjorn Borg and released Italy’s first reggae song, which is kind of enough for me), but for now here are some pictures to demonstrate her impeccable style – which is variously described as ‘eccentric’ and ‘costume’. She also likes to take her clothes off a lot. My kinda gal.

Click on any of ’em to make ’em bigger!


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