Gowns and Gazelles: Should you? Would you?


With the 90s revival still in full flow, it was perhaps only a matter of time before we saw dresses worn with trainers back on the catwalk. I’ve seen plenty of flats on the runways this season (Birkenstocks, pool sliders, Tevas) but I think Giles was the first show where I saw actual trainers – Adidas Gazelles, to be precise.

I was lucky enough to be at the show and seeing all those ballgowns brought down to earth with every indie student’s favourite trainers really did make for a fashion moment – although all I could really think about was Lily Allen being sat just over the other side of the catwalk and her thoughts on this reinvention of her favourite look.

At the Yang Li show in Paris yesterday, gowns were matched with Vans – what appeared to be Mid Skool ’77s – in the same monochrome option as the Gile’s Gazelles. I’m kind of astounded at how fresh it feels and how ungross the concept of trainers with dresses suddenly feels.

I don’t think anyone wants to revisit an Avril Lavigne era of Converse with tutus, or even a Lily Allen era of Air Max with prom dresses – especially those of us that went through our own dark era of denim miniskirts with Etnies – but then I never thought I’d want to see Gazelles ever again and now here I am contemplating buying a pair.

Would you do a gown and Gazelles? Or is it just too 90s to translate to the real world?


Giles Spring/Summer 2014 // Adidas Gazelle 2


Yang Li Spring/Summer 2014 // Vans Mid Skool ’77

PS I know Mossy isn’t wearing a dress in two out of three of those Gazelle pics, but they’re just too cute not to include.


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