Work it out: a girl group running playlist

1960s workout - women with beehives running

I’ve had various keeping-fit phases in my life, but no matter what my age and where I’ve been doing said keeping fit, the soundtrack has tended towards the hard and heavy. What can I say? I like my workouts hard and my music heavy.

At university it was all about hardcore, these days it’s more metal – particularly the metal running playlist that Andy made me last year. He’s currently working on a speed metal update, which I’m sure will spur me on even further in my bid to a 20-minute 10km.

When I saw this picture, however, I decided that maybe there was something to be said for keeping things a bit more glamorous in the gym. After all, I always seem to show up after work with my hair did and lips in Neon Orange or Show Orchid, so why shouldn’t my tunes match?

Here, then, a glamorous 60s workout playlist.

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