This is Laundry: A super-cool Sheffield salon

Laundry hair salon, Sheffield
Laundry hair salon, Sheffield
Laundry hair salon, Sheffield
Laundry hair salon, Sheffield
Laundry hair salon, Sheffield
Laundry hair salon, Sheffield

I  was in Sheffield this weekend using up some annual leave, but being the dedicated journalist and hairdressing hound that I am, couldn’t resist the invitation to check out my home town’s latest salon; Laundry.

This stylish spot was opened a couple of weeks ago by the brains behind The Chimney House, which I haven’t had cause to visit yet but which is so beautiful that I’ve considered changing my opinion on marriage especially. Or perhaps just having a massive birthday party.

Being part of the Chimney House family, the salon is stupendously beautiful and full of cool and interesting things. Full disclaimer: I haven’t lived in Sheffield for years and maybe there are stylish salons like this everywhere. But I’m pretty sure there aren’t.

Co-owner Sally showed me around, and I tried really hard not to coo at everything like the fangirl I am – but look at it! Some highlights; flooring made from recycled school gym floors (hence the colourful court markings), amazing tiled counter, big butler sink, nice fresh meadow flowers throughout, massive comfy chairs, that awesome central concrete table rather than private styling stations, a gift-shop of cool fun stuff at the front. Oh, I just love it!

I didn’t have an appointment (roll on Christmas, when I definitely will book in) but the hairdressing side of things looks to be just as good as the OYMHGODIT’SBEAUTIFUL side. Heading things up is Mitchell Wilson; TONI&GUY trained and the man who brought their franchise to Sheffield in the first place. I saw good hair all round when I was nosying and, from a selfish point of view, was pleased to see they use Wella Professional colour as that’s what I get. And I’m clearly planning for the future.

After our look around, Sally took me next door to Tamper coffee; another cool new addition that has appeared in the last year. Tamper actually shares the same building as Laundry – a 19th century cutlery works (obv, this is Sheffield) which is Grade II listed and built around a sweet courtyard. I feel genuinely thrilled that my hometown has all this new cool stuff that I didn’t know about – it’s had the cool people long enough!

Prices for Laundry start at £25 and you can find them at 151 Sellers Wheel, Arundel Street, Sheffield, S1 2NU. Tamper is right next door!

[Pics via Laundry]


3 thoughts on “This is Laundry: A super-cool Sheffield salon

  1. Really want to try Laundry out especially as it’s linked to Chimney House – where we wanted our wedding reception but was just that tad too small 😦

    Massive Tamper fan too – Sheffield is getting better and better all of the time; at last!

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