Because pyjamas are not suitable Christmas Day wear


(clockwise from left)

1. The more deluxe version of pyjamas; all the comfort, but you don’t look like a student. If I woke up to this on Christmas day, I’d probably cry snowball-scented tears of joy. Then drop mince-pie crumbs all over myself.

2. Because if the Fonz, John Travolta and Joey Ramone taught us anything, it’s that everyone looks like a badass in a leather jacket. (And I don’t subscribe to the idea that Christmas day should be spent entirely indoors; a quick shuffle round the block makes more room for pigs in blankets.)

3. To wear when you’re doing the aforementioned shuffling.

4. For when you go to the local for a drink and some weird boy from school tries to hit on you. Hit him with this.

5. Christmas shoes!! Again, I don’t subscribe to the idea of rolling around like a student/sloth hybrid on Christmas day. I see it as a perfect excuse to go all out and generally pick a ~party dress (yes, I am Veruca Salt) months in advance. These shiny, shiny shoes are a prime example of my approach to festive dressing.

6. Got to have socks for Christmas, and if you’re going home and acting like a teenager again, why not have the socks to match? Wear these to: slam your door, refuse to set the table, shout “I NEVER ASKED TO BE BORN” and sulk. Or to be helpful and happy in your family’s company, whatever.

7. My lipstick of the year by a million miles. Makes you look awake, alert and put-together even if the opposite is true (and is just a gloriously festive shade).

8. My theory of wearing big jewellery to distract from your face holds especially true over the festive season. These ASOS janglers are not just sparkly and lovely, they also kind of match the socks on that ‘things that you would wear in 1998’ theme.


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