Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

Drunk in Love, the emoji version.

2. An easy-peasy-pizzay manicure.

3. What city skylines would look like without light pollution. Clue: ooooooh

4. A handy metalcore workout playlist.

5. Before Iggy Pop takes up residency on 6Music, Jarvis Cocker presents an entire show dedicated to the wriggling rock god. Tune in on Sunday, is gon’ be good!

6. The Goodhood Store‘s roundup of videos for International Women’s Day features pretty much every woman that I admire. So that’s awesome.

7. A closer look at the Chanel supermarket.

8. Weird Barbies that time forgot.

9. A Wes Anderson film/style retrospective.

10. Sweet Child O’Mine as a New Orleans-style jazz standard. Amazing! (Via Ben Kay)

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