Cat napping with Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia Cat Nap slipper and silk mask set

I’m 100% a dog person (sorry, internet at large), but I still wouldn’t say no to this Charlotte Olympia Cat Nap kit, which combines the designer’s best-selling Kitty slippers with a silk cat eye mask and spiderweb pouch.

It’s available in black, red, pink and a whole host of other colours and is due to launch soon… presumably just in time for Christmas. Check the site for updates!

I’m all about lounging in style – as this extensive archive of posts tagged ‘pyjamas’ worryingly reveals. On this occasion, may I suggest reading PG Wodehouse’s The Man Who Disliked Cats as you do so?

Spring/Summer 2011: Topshop Unique

So, for the third season in a row I want just about everything from the {Topshop} Unique collection. Some may scoff at the 101 Dalmations theme but it’s all good with me; Dodie Smith, furry bits, funny hair – what’s not to love? The first coat with dalmatian sleeves, want. The amount of editors with the mac/leather hybrid this season was incredible – a furry version is surely the next logical step. The furry Prada-esque scarf, want. The cocktail dresses, the thirties blouses, the woolly overcoats, the big fucking furry sleeves which we’re seeing EVERYWHERE… want it all.

Although I do agree with Silvio that the dog nose makeup borders a little on;

Princely pugs model for Mulberry Mutts

If you’ve ever had the misfortune to spend any time with me, you’ll be aware of my pug obsession. Pugsession? King of the dog world, that’s the essence of it. Mulberry agree, which is presumably why they’ve chosen the most amazing species on the planet to model the new ‘Mulberry Mutt’ line. I know most people hate dog clothes, but I say people who hate dog clothes hate life and probably eat babies so WHO ARE THEY TO JUDGE?

The LOVE blog reported on the range, and claim it’s in store now. I can’t find it anywhere online, but maybe by ‘in store’ they meant in those actual shops that exist ‘in the real world’.