Antipodium Resort 2014: Teddy boy-tastic


Goes without saying that I love the latest Antipodium collection. It’s like Geoffrey Finch climbs in my brain and has a rootle around each season – Emoji, Palm Springs, Goodbye Horses, religious tat… it just works every time.

The Resort 2014 collection – The Teddy Boy’s Picnic – is inspired by Cry Baby, Teddy boys (obv), queen beens and wannabes and ‘delinquent cheerleaders’ and if that doesn’t make you smile, you’re not my kinda gal. The prints look especially exciting – I can’t quite make them out from the lookbook images but it looks as though there’s cartoon bears and cocktails so that’s an awesome start.

Roll on resort season!

(Don’t you just love Bad Manners? I also like how my model gif appears to dance in time to the music – I’d like to think that was something to do with me understanding music but it’s just a happy coincidence.)

Goodhood x Antipodium

Goodhood is one of my favourite London shops and this year it celebrates its fifth anniversary. EMOJO CONFETTI CANON!

To celebrate this landmark in suitable style, they’ll be launching a new concept store just around the corner from the original store, packed full of exclusive collaborations and special products… including a new collection from Antipodium.


Actually, a whole bunch of brands will be creating special items for the concept space – but it’s Antipodium that I’m most excited about because, well, obviously.

A few teaser shots from the Antipodium x Goodhood collection have already been posted on the Goodhood blog and omg, they’re good. Taking some classic Antipodium pieces – including THE COAT, which I wanted but couldn’t justify – the range updates some staple designs in new fabrics and colourways for a capsule collection that manages to be inspired by both brands.

They say:

The concept behind the collection is merge and combine, a mish-mash of our style and theirs, multiple fabrics are mixed to make patchworks and fabric blocked garments. We mix lace, velvet polka dots, leather and fur, all with Antipodium’s classic grey marls, jersey and sheer silks, the finished look is simple pieces with detailed twists. Specially for this project we have created a capsule wardrobe collection featuring some of Antipodium’s best loved styles with a Goodhood edge. The collection features stars such as the killing moon coat in new colour ways, tees and dresses in black, grey and white with hints of lace and classic Antipodium sheer fabrics. Highlights include The Coccoon Coat, and the Lace Back Tee, amongst dresses, skirts, shirts and jackets.

Other brands getting involved include other favourites like Norse Projects, R. Newbold and Bag ‘n’ Noun and the whoooole lot kicks off tomorrow. You can read more about the new store and the birthday party celebrations here or check it out for yourself at 20 Coronet Street, N1 6HD.

[Pictures: Goodhood]

Lobster loving with Antipodium

A long time ago, I fell in love with a lobster-print dress from Anthropologie. It never came to anything and it’s one of those things that I still occasionally think about and search for on eBay, with no joy.

It looks as though I might not have to worry about the one that got away any more though, because my favourite label have come up trumps with another delightful lobster-print creation. Antipodium’s 2012 Resort collection is inspired by polished Sydney style with lots of beautiful mint green that head honcho Geoffrey describes as, ‘a bit clinical’.

The lobster illustration comes courtesy of Geoffrey’s friend – and fellow Aussie – Karl Maier. You can see the entire collection here – they refer to the lobster as a shrimp, but personally I see lobster.

You can buy the dress at Liberty now, or else it’s on sale at ShopBop at the moment too.

Obsessed with my Antipodium Thank Christ dress

Emily is going to rue the day she told me to do more outfit posts.

Here’s the Antipodium Thank Christ dress I bought in the Liberty sale. Andy and I tried to invert all the crosses for a more metal finish, but unfortunately each cross has an eyelet attachment so it’s not possible.

I really wanted to get the Urban Outfitters double finger cross ring to complete this outfit, but it didn’t fit on my fingers. And also, Oxford Circus only had black and silver, when clearly gold is the only colour that I wear. Never fear though, because carlyjcais on Etsy sells similar ones. Similar, but better, because they’re pleasingly chunky, and have beveled edges.

When we were in a metal bar in Oslo (there are two types of bar in Oslo: shit ‘American’ style bars, full of tourists and office workers who have been sent to their company’s Norwegian branch, and metal bars), we saw this awesome young woman who had cleverly inverted the Norwegian flag to make a patriotic, yet suitably metal addition to her leathers. Is it any coincidence that Norway is the most metal destination on earth, and that their flag lends itself so well to being turned in to an inverted cross?

Anitpodium Thank Christ dress: Best sale buy ever?

Might have found this Antipodium ‘Thank Christ’ dress in the Liberty sale. Might have bought it.

It’s part of the Brides of Christ AW10 collection (although, uh, I can’t see it in the lookbook), and it reminds me a great deal of best-era Madonna.

I wonder if the crosses will make a pleasing jjingle jangle as I vogue my way through the office?