ASOS Holiday shop: More looks, less luggage

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ASOS are attempting to eliminate the usual sitting-on-suitcase scenario this summer with their More Looks, Less Luggage campaign. Timed to coincide with the launch of the ASOS Holiday Shop, it’s all about getting maximum outfits out of minimum packing – after all, with airline baggage charges on the rise, why would you want to waste any precious holiday spends on your suitcase?

I’ve joined the challenge to create my dream holiday capsule wardrobe – and as we’re talking dreams, I’m dreaming big. This is a wardrobe for a ridiculous Californian road trip, taking in a bit of Joshua Tree, Palm Springs and – of course – Las Vegas. It might not be the most logical road trip in terms of route, but this is supposed to be a dream holiday and they’re the places haunting my waking thoughts at the moment.

I don’t go into any challenge lightly, so my first step was to scour some of my favourite fashion editorials for inspiration. I think desert, I think… Wildfox campaigns, denim, slouchy t-shirts, ridiculous jewels (well, Vegas is at the end), cat-eyes, white heels, ugly prints… and lots of bleached-out colour.

Here’s what I got – keep clicking through to the ASOS Holiday Shop to show me you love me – most clicks wins and I promise I’ll share the winnings.

1) ASOS Pencil Skirt and Crop Top in Check Taffeta, £32 and £25 – Palm Springs pool + large cocktail = this outfit

2) ASOS Oversized Tex Mex Skull Backpack, £40 – neon skulls and an Aztec print… I’m pretty sure you could fit your entire wardrobe in here if you packed well.

3) Converse All Star Ox Trainers, £40 – because when your Cadillac breaks down in the desert, you need sensible shoes

4) ASOS Hepburn Leather Platform High Sandals, were £95 now £76 – because when your Cadillac starts working again, you want to be in good shoes

5) ASOS Hawaiian-Print Cap, £18 – really feeling like I need to buy a baseball cap this summer and  it might as well feature a lovely trashy print

6) ASOS Air Con Fan, £5 – it gets pretty hot out there in summer, and this is a far more stylish option than fanning yourself with an old copy of National Enquirer.

7) ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses with Mix Frame, £12 – I love ASOS sunglasses, they’re really sturdy but surprisingly cheap. I dig the white and leopard-print combo on these.

8) ASOS Pack of 50 Gummies, £8 – feels like the right time to reinvest in gummy bands, especially when they incorporate this dreamy pastel palette.

9) and 10) ASOS Flower & Jewel Drop Earrings, £15 and ASOS Gem Drop Earrings, £8 – these earrings are already the best thing I’ve bought this summer and I’m tempted to get the Barbie-heavy pink ones too. Fabulous is the only word.

11) ASOS SALON Kaftan Dress with Bright Embroidery, £120 – it’s a white kaftan with neon floral embroidery – I’m not entirely sure that any item of clothing says ‘desert drive to Las Vegas’ more.

12) ASOS Dip Dye Jumper, £42 – it gets cold in the desert at night, but not so cold that you have to sacrifice looking nice.

13) ASOS Distressed Boyfriend Denim Shorts, £30 – the perfect pair of shorts for those of us who don’t do hotpants. Perfect length, perfect amount of ripping, perfect wash.

14) ASOS Plate and Spike Detail Belt, £15 – white leather, gold studs.

15) ASOS Petite Sleeveless Tie Front Denim Shirt, £25 – my favourite kind of top at the moment, and a brushed-denim, pale pink option fits my desert-dream colour scheme perfectly.

16) ASOS T-Shirt With Bright Paisley Print, £22 – a lovely slouchy t-shirt with a print that we know is pretty on-trend, but also feels totally relevant for a round of mini golf at a Palm Springs resort.

Latest addition to my lounging wardrobe

Another recent purchase – the ASOS Intarsia Cape! It’s basically like wearing a Snuggie in public.

Just spotted it’s now on sale, obv. Honestly this was such a good buy, I took it to the park last week when it was really sunny but a bit windy. Lying on the grass snuggled up on it with a built in pillow was blissful and I assume I will be doing more of the same with it in Barcelona.

ASOS launches Crave It//Save It Competition

Bloggers writing about Barbours is a doozy, but I couldn’t resist drawing your attention to this juicy Liddesdale which is currently on ASOS for a mere £70. Love that purple and fuchsia combination; reminds me of the best ever Mac wallpaper.

The Liddesdale is currently languishing in my ASOS ‘Save for Later’ basket. Not because I’m not going to buy it, but because I am currently participating in the Crave It // Save It competition. Open until midday London time tomorrow, one lucky entrant will win the contents of their saved-for-later bag. Neat huh? Only rule is you can’t go over £300, which is fair enough. My bag is full of more coats, heaps of ASOS own-brand rings, and a couple of summer dresses. Because I need more of all those things.

Enter! Why not? It’s just like making a wishlist with the added bonus of maybe winning it.

Louise Gray x ASOS

Louise Gray for ASOS is as fun and colourful as you would expect from the generally cheery, fun, colourful London designer. Summery pantones abound, and there’s also a smattering of heavily-stitched, 70s-inspired denim pieces.

I love (lol?) these heart motif dresses – especially that vaguely Jamaican-respecting green, red and gold maxi.

You can buy the pieces from a bargainous £40 on ASOS now.

Bit obsessed with the ASOS galaxy print dress

I really hope this ASOS dress doesn’t go live and then sell out during the time I’m on holiday… Galaxy-print Dress, £45, ASOS. Due in, any day now.

My new job, that’s not new anymore, entails lots of black tie events and award shows. While I’m definitely someone who always dresses up, rather than down, I don’t own much in the way of actual proper ‘evening wear’. It’s a tough thing to get right. You don’t want to look like a Monsoon bridesmaid, but you also have to actually dress up, in something that isn’t from Topshop. This weekend I found a perfect vintage black lace Louis Vuitton-esque, ballerina-length, full-skirted, swoonsome, perfect, magical gown at Beyond Retro. I need to post a picture when I have a minute (and lose approx 1cm from my waist, so I can comfortably drink beer and eat the trademark award show three-course dinner of tomato soup, lamb, and cheesecake in it), but I’m becoming obsessed with finding event-appropriate dresses. I think this ASOS number could be dressed up quite nicely for the more ‘casual’ lot of evening events… Also known as ‘hairdresser black tie’ – affectionately, of course.

While we’re talking ASOS, let’s take a moment to appreciate the most beautiful hair I’ve seen in time. Girl on the right, you are my motivation, my guiding light, my modern day Martha Streck…

On the hunt for a feather cape

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll be aware that for the past few months I’ve been obsessing over what to wear for my friends’ upcoming swanky wedding. Sorry about that. I’ve finally bought something I love from Cocosa so we’re all sorted on that front, now it’s just a case of finding the right props to jazz the look up.

I have the ASOS bunny hat but I’m not sure whether or not to wear it… The trickiest thing about this wedding is that I haven’t seen most of the guests since university. Back in those days I was a fashion student and Mr Fur Coat and all his friends, including the bride and groom and all the guests, were doing proper degrees. They’re all awesome people but I quite often felt like the dickhead fashion student in my novelty outfit and I’d hate for them to think I was still the same bozo I was back then.

What I’m after is a feather cape. Don’t mind that last paragraph, a feather cape isn’t a fancy dress item, it’s a serious, chic fashion statement. Right? Anyway, I didn’t realise it would be so hard to find such a thing but a cursory eBay search reveals very little. It does, however, come up with millions of fly fishing ‘feather capes’ [above] — did you know it was a kind of tackle? No, me neither. They’re quite stylish actually, but probably just about big enough to make a novelty shoulder pad.

Here are some other options, none of which are quite doing it for me.

Kate Moss for Topshop feather cape. Something about those colours man… it’s just not working. Sold out anyway, available on eBay of course.

Obviously I’m not the one getting married, but if I was I’d probably wear this Jenny Packham ‘Cygnet’ Ostrich Feather Cape. Quelle beast.

Good ol’ ASOS. This Premium Feather Cape is rather appropriate, but still not quite spot on and for such a ludicrous purchase it needs to be right, right?

As an example of what’s ‘right’, take note of this Edwardian ostrich feather cape. It’s bloody lovely. Seen one anywhere?

Bright pink maxi skirts

Chiffon Maxi Skirt, £45, ASOS

When I was about 16 I went on a weekend shopping trip to Sheffield’s shopping Mecca, Meadowhall with my friend Sarah and her younger neighbour Kerri, who I guess we were babysitting. She was only a couple of years younger and already shaping up to be one of the coolest teenagers on the planet. We actually wound up working a weekend job together a few years down the line and becoming pretty tight — I fondly remember her Alkaline Trio MSN screen names and the dumb nights we had dancing at Corp together.

On this particular shopping trip, Kerri and I remember went into Bay Trading on a whim and ended up buying matching skirts. It was a floor-length, circle-skirted ballroom number in baby pink satin and cost the princely sum of 99p. I used to wear it with (very Prada SS10 actually) Perspex and silver heels and a crop top and think (quite rightly?) I was the dog’s bollocks.

Somewhere along the line, that skirt got lost. Probably in one of my utterly regretful wardrobe clearouts, along with the leather pencil skirt collection and my selection of dirndls.

When I saw this ASOS skirt my heart beat a little faster because in my brain it works as a sort of age-appropriate replacement. I don’t think I could carry off baby pink satin as well as I did when I was a young slip of a 16 year old; somehow coral chiffon seems a bit more suitable but it still maintains the romance, maxi length and full movement that made me fall in love with my 99p Bay Trading original. I think it’d work just as well with (lol alert) a sleeveless old band shirt (lol over) as it would with something gold and sequined for a bit of a Zelda Fitzgerald doing her ballet bit feel.

(sorry for the photo of a photo, but I love Zelda’s outfit here)

Tenuous Zelda link: you should all join GoodReads. My link is over on the right or you can just search me as furcoat. See how boring my reading list is (if you think my writing’s predictable, wail until you see what I’m reading), share your own reviews and even update people on your page progression — seriously, love that function. I only just joined so I’m still updating my ‘read’ section with the books on my nearest bookshelf but I’m already addicted and it would be neat to see what the rest of you are reading.

Obsessed with ASOS Bunny Ears Fascinator

Twitter followers will be aware that I’ve spent the past few months obsessing over a dress to wear to my pals’ upcoming nuptials. I’m pleased to say that as of this morning, I think the job’s done. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up and I know your days won’t be complete without my daily updates on the search, but there you go. I’ll show you a picture when it arrives…

Anyway, now that part of the job is done, the next question is what to wear with it? I saw the ASOS Bunny Ears Fascinator yesterday and can’t decided whether it would be a terrible thing to do or the best idea I’ve ever had. Thoughts?

Obsessed with ASOS and black lace

On a scale of one to ten, how inappropriate would it be to wear this to a wedding? In my long and arduous search for a dress for my friends’ upcoming nuptials, this is the only thing I’ve found that I like. Might have to get it anyway, just in case I ever need to go to a funeral in Texas for my sugar daddy or something.

Vila Oversized Lace Dress, £40, ASOS