The Long March to Equality: Treasures of the Women’s Library

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The Women’s Library is one of London’s best hidden gems and as well as being a great research resource it also plays host to some great exhibitions.

The Long March to Equality: Treasures of The Women’s Library is this autumn’s offering – it’s free and it opens on October 17.

Telling the story of the campaign for equal rights, the exhibition will include finds from the last 400 years – from the earliest votes for women campaigns and Greenham Common memorabilia to items representing 21st century activism.

The Women’s Library say:

The Long March to Equality brings together for the first time some of the rarest items in The Women’s Library’s collections to tell the story of how women have campaigned, fought and lobbied for equal rights in Britain.

‘Treasures’ have been selected not only for their rarity or iconic status, but also because they represent crucial moments in women’s history, inviting visitors to reflect upon the remarkable achievements of British Women and their campaign for women’s groups and individuals.

The Struggles, the triumphs and the achievements of British women and their campaign for change are celebrated, and the exhibition resonates with individual voices and experiences.

Sounds good, huh? You can find out more about the exhibition here!

It’s the largest exhibition the Women’s Library has ever held and to celebrate this status, excitingly comes complete with a half-day event.

From Page to Screen: Making and Remembering Women’s History will ask how aspects of women’s history have been represented at key points in time – through items from the Women’s Library Collections and historical biographies, as well as through popular TV drama. You can find out more about that here!

[Picture: Michael Sporn Animation | Wright & Wright]


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