Mint feasts and formica at Balenciaga

I wasn’t into the ‘packaging-inspired’ print pieces which made up the second half of the collection (like, at all, it made me feel a bit sick), but swit swoo how nice was the rest of Balenciaga? The colours are just total dreamboat material, such a total and utter change from everything this season… as should be the way with Balenciaga. Inspiration comes from 70s Formica, but did anyone really need the show notes to tell them that? Just look at that mint green (makes a gal want a mint Feast, huh, Isabelle?) and all those rounded shoulders… it’s like grandma’s bathroom right there. Also strong desire to colour my eyebrows pale blue now.

Also crying small tears of joy at the shoes, which are the nicest shoes I’ve seen all season. They’re like the interior of the art deco hotel of your dreams… the colours, the tiny squeeze of leopard, the prim and proper buckles and alligator combo… I just have no words. Except ‘cor!’