Style icons: That girl in the Pavement Range Life video

Soundtrack to summer and, upon revisiting the video, a slice of pure 90s style gold.

Don’t even want to tell you how many times I’ve listened to this in the last few days.

Style icons: Danny John Jules

I’m obsessed with both of these pink blazers from Zara, but there’s always that fear that you’ll look like Danny John Jules.  What a conundrum.


PS Dying with lols in advance at the idea of people unfamiliar with Red Dwarf thinking that’s a serious music video. I spent a satisfying train journey yesterday seeing what DJJ and Chris Barrie were up these days. Ah.

Beauty and the Beast: Marc Jacobs Daisy ring

I received this Marc Jacobs ring a little while ago, and while it was obviously love at first sight, I forgot to write anything about it.

Whenever I wear it people compliment me on it – even National Rail staff, who are generally a miserable lot.

Under the swivel lid, there’s Daisy perfume in solid form. But that’s not why I love it really, I just like how big it is.

I’ve always loved big ostentatious rings; from the plastic jelly-ish rings that all good 90s Kenickie fans sported, to my chunky gold skull numbers which are so cliche, yet beloved.

I think it’s because I have fat hands – only stupidly big rings really show up. Dainty doesn’t work, alas.

Anyway, Marc Jacobs Daisy ring. Awesome, smells good, looks good, makes a satisfying click when you open it.

Style icons: Shampoo

The purchase of the spangly daisy top got me on a Shampoo kick – and since my last one, some magical being has created a Tumblr all about Jacqui and Carrie!

I know it’s trite to say you love Shampoo, but honestly, I was obsessed. I liked them even more than Kenickie, and that’s saying something.

I had a ring binder, somewhat like a press clippings folder, where I gathered every interview with them I could find. During my pre- and teenage years, I got NME, Smash Hits. TOTP mag, Melody Maker, Q, Just Seventeen, More!… god, what else? All of them. Anything they could be in, because I couldn’t miss pictures of Jacqui and Carrie. I worshiped them and everything they wore, said and did. In fact, I think I only got in to the Manic Street Preachers because they liked them. I videod their appearances on the Big Breakfast, the Pepsi Chart Show, TFI Friday, I taped their backstage interviews on that show they used to do on Radio 1 live from backstage at TOTP… Smash Hits once did this ace feature where they wrote out what various popstars had as their voicemails. How I wished for an answering machine so I could have the same message at them!

You get the point. Here are the pictures. ALL via the amazing amazing amazing Wash & Go-Go!

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1990s Harper’s Bazaar, featuring Kangol and more

Speaking of interesting editorials, I feel really refreshed by this 1999 Harper’s Bazaar shoot. It’s not my style at all, of course, but it’s quite refreshing to just see lots of neutral Tenenbaum shades and unpretentious sportswear. Lots of Kangol, I’d hazard. Like a palate cleanser in clothing terms, mmhmm.

It’s weird how visibly different shoots are today from those in the 90s. Even if you style it 90s and Photoshop the soul out of it, you can still tell it it’s new. Something in the colours and shapes is just impossible to recreate.

The hunt for the perfect parka

It’s so cold and miserable in England at the moment [a full 20c colder than Vegas, just saying] that all I can think about is the New Look coat of dreams that I eyed up at their A/W press day. To have that furry head to nestle in… would make my cold early morning West Croydon commute more bearable. Sigh.

I guess it’ll be in store in September time, but for now…

Topshop Stud Army Jacket, £65

I do really like this, but I don’t think I can actually justify buying this and the New Look one… although I do have £100 of New Look voucher to burn from the press day…

German Parka, £39.99

Not sure I could comfortably wear army surplus as I wore so much of it in my youth. Oh how I loved my oversized army shirt, made me feel like a true Manics fan when worn with DMs and leopard print leggings. Sigh.

Fishtail Parka with Hood, £89.95

I’m going back up to Manchester in July, so if the surplus longings are still hanging around I might pay a visit to the awesomely cheap store in Oldham St. The last thing I bought there was a sailor jacket with perfect sailor collar and badges, which TWIN stole.

Crocheting skulls for NastyGal

How entirely predictable. I know! Admittedly it would be better as a dress and in a different colour but such is the joy of white items… I have so much lime green Dylon dye left over from my BA all those years ago, I don’t know what to do with it. I wouldn’t want a lime green skull dress, of course, but maybe lilac or some soft of nice pastel? Hmmmm.

Nasty Gal Crochet Skull Skirt, $86

Style icons: California Dreams

Last weekend me and Mr Fur Coat went round to Laura and Robin‘s to do a bit of home karaoke. Unfortunately we soon realised that the CD that came with her sister’s machine was full of songs that we are all too old to know so after a bit of technical wizardy, Laura hooked up the machine to YouTube. Best. Idea. Ever. Seeing Laura and Robin serenade each other with the Home and Away theme tune will stay with me forever. Maybe you guys should have it as your first dance?

We also cranked out some old TV titles  in a bid to make Laura’s 13 year old sister see what she’d been missing out on by being born in 1996 (I know, blows my mind too). California Dreams was my pick and the minute the video kicked in me and Laura were both kind of struck by how amazing all the clothes were.


I don’t want to be too entirely predictable, but honestly… I would wear everything in this video. Let’s go frame by frame – no, really, let’s! Alas the quality is pretty poor when you do a screen grab, but when you watch the vid it’s fine.

Tiffani’s floral/tropical baby doll. Way to pair your bass with you dress, hot stuff.

Jenny’s 90s cut gingham bikini and high waisted denim shorts… inspiration for Vegas, point taken.

Boss John Lennon-esque round glasses. I used to have these as a teenager, is it time to bring them back?

Double denim: sleeveless shirt and rolled up boy shorts. I love this!

Side note: who are these jokers?

Neon pink is always a winner.

Another neat floral baby doll.

I also found this awful quality tiny picture. I don’t want to get you too excited, but it looks to me like Tiffani is wearing a floor length floral skirt, big trainers and a denim vest. Uhmmm. In the main pic at the top I’d also like to give special credit to the white socks and biker boots look, something I personally am READY for.

Didn’t that music just transport you to a better place? I’m now going to watch all the episodes on YouTube and enjoy every minute. ENJOY this reunion clip!


How amazing are these AMBUSH x Bape shoes? They seem like the kind of thing that would entirely divide opinion into a camp of burning rage and one of total obsession, but personally I want them all, from the pristine white fringed golf shoe-esque ones to the balls out furry leopard. Love the token AMBUSH eyeball logo on the insole and having looked at Mandi’s blog, the whole get-up seems pretty tight. What I would have given for one of those little leather drawstring bags to carry my PE kit around back in the day. I can’t find any prices, but this being Bape I imagine it’ll be way, way beyond my reach. Boo hoo.

Via Charleen via Hypebeast