Kid Acne for Elle Belgium

My favourite Sheffield artist, Kid Acne, is in the June 2012 edition of Elle Belgium, adding some trademark scribbles to a Hicham Riad shoot.

Combining illustration with photos for a fashion editorial is nothing new but Kid Acne’s cute, cheery drawings work perfectly with model Robin Hölzken’s look and the floppy, oversized playful proportions of the outfits. It’s quite restricted too – there are  plenty of pages that are just straight up photography.

See the full set at Fashion Gone Rogue!


Cheery ol’ Cath Kidston iPhone covers

If I ever tire of my phone case [unlikely I know, although I did have an actual nightmare last night that all the crystals fell off lol], the Cath Kidston London scene you see above would be my choice of replacement. I ruddy love the Cath Kidston London print; it’s almost as good as the cowboy one.

Alas, the covers above only appear to be available for the iPhone4, so until I get a free upgrade or something I’ll just have to admire from afar. They’re available next month, for those of you who are more technologically advanced than me.