My thoughts were busy hatchin’

Chanel was a treat  – what a great season for couture! No lie, I typed ‘grrreat’ – mostly because I’ve had two glasses of wine and that’s all it takes these days, but also because of that stupendous lion stage piece. Leo was Coco Chanel’s star sign, and as far as I’m aware that’s the only reason for the big cat prop.

INTERMISSION: Speaking of lions, people often compare Twin to a lion. It was her birthday yesterday, so I shall share this picture displaying her mane. ILU TWIN! ❤

Back to Chanel. That big ol’ lion appeared to only influence the stage set and this young man. Otherwise, the most interesting thing about the show – and that’s supposed to be a compliment – was the rounded shoulders. Lord, how I love a round shoulder. Padded shoulders have often made it beyond the catwalk on to the high street, but I think the rounded shoulder requires just that teeny extra level of risk that it doesn’t seem to appear so much. Shame, they’re really flattering, but still as much a ‘statement’ shape as any other dramatic shoulder.

Feels really 40s with the shapes and textures, but the furry boots and bowties are so Chanel. Those last boots are basically hooves! Not had a moment to check the close-ups yet, but for real! Are they hooves? Like the weird hoof utensils at Greenwich market?