Dover Street Market Tachigari

Monday morning saw Dover Street Marked host its seasonal Tachigari. I was supposed to go, but the old paid employment stood in the way. What ho, that’s what good PRs are for. Thanks for the photos, pals!

So, what’s Tachigari? It’s Japanese for beginning or start — or so they say, I’ve not looked it up — and DSM hold the event to mark the arrival of a new season. New collection, new installations, new shop really. The whole place shut down last Wednesday and just reopened to reveal the new look. Much like a butterfly, for those fond of an analogy.

Is it weird that my first thought on seeing this really creepy window display (see top and above) was ‘wow, it’s like a human version of dogs playing cards?’ Pretty sure people played cards before dogs did, but somehow that lovely dog version is imprinted on my brain. Anyway, this creation is work of  Adam Kimmel and features the work of artist George Condo.

Little Commes pop-up within a shop. Mmm folded up t-shirts.

Typically innovative ground floor space. The corrugated hut reminds me of… which artist is it? Can’t remember, thanks.

Lanvin and Stephen Jones have their own curated spots.

So happy we have DSM to go and look at, if not shop at. I’m off to Paris in a few months with work and am already excited about a trip to Colette. Ever city needs a ridiculous shop that serves to inspire/intimidate as you see fit. Go and have a look around the new look Dover Street Market, there’s plenty to investigate by the looks of things.

PS You say Tachigari, I say Rip It Up and Start Again. Any excuse;