Beauty and the Beast: Eylure Opulence collection

Eylure are basically the daddy donkeys of the false eyelashes world. Sure Shu Uemura might be fancier, Ardell might be celeb used and approved but Eylure is the 60 year old grand dame of the lash world and I rate them as highly as any other pricier brand I’ve ever tried. I don’t use their glue, I use MAC Duo Adhesive (if you ever wear lashes at all it’s worth investing in this, it’s nuts how great it is and it lasts for ever) but other than that, I have zero complaints about Eylure. They do collaborations pretty regularly but I’ve never seen anything as exciting as this, the new Opulence collection. They’ve teamed up with Kirt Holmes, Catwalk¬† Jeweller of the Year (who knew?) and Swarovski to create a collection that’s every bit as OTT as you’d imagine. Available exclusively at Harrods, the range uses materials including 22ct gold leaf and cockerel feathers which is presumably why prices start at ¬£125. Still, aren’t they amazing? Each design is named after an ancient goddess and Iris is definitely my favourite (at the top). Iris is the goddess of the rainbow which makes her sound a bit pussy but I guess it’s not her fault. Here she is (sexy, huh?);

Morpheus and Iris, Pierre-Narcisse Guerin, 1811

This is the Calliope. Harrods say the feather adds ‘a wild west flavour’! Not sure I see it. Calliope means beautiful-voiced and she’s the muse of heroic poetry — thanks Wikipedia. I didn’t know she was the momma of Orpheus, who I do know a lot about after doing a hardcore school project aged 10 on the fella. Here’s a painting of Calliope that I really like;

Calliope, Gary Kelley, 2009

Finally we have Hestia. There are bunch more lashes but these three are my favourites… Hestia is less obviously OTT perhaps but I think they’d look fantastic on, probably the best of the lot. Amazing as they are, a lot of these lashes would probably look dickish on your actual face whereas these ones are totally carry off-able. I didn’t know much about Hestia I have to admit, although it’s on the list of ridiculous names I’d like to burden a child with. Wikipedia tells me she’s the virgin goddess of the hearth (sounds pretty lame) and also of the ‘right ordering of domesticity and the family’. She sounds crap so not sure why she has these amazing lashes but nice work if you can get it I guess.

The Hestia Tapestry “Hestia full of Blessings”, Egypt, 6th century