Commes des what?

I’m such a child. Can’t resist a fashion in-joke though, eh?

Commes des Fuckdown beanie hat, $30, worth every penny for the lols.

Elton John does Jil Sander paisley

We were enjoying a bit of Elton John on Saturday night when the ever-stylish Silver pointed out that the ol’ crooner’s jacket had a hint of the Jil Sander. I know! We just live and breathe fashion.

Paisley is having a miniature fashion moment, with Jonathan Saunders showing a stylised version of the print at his colourful, Betty Draper on acid, South Beach-inspired collection.

Jil Sander opted for supersized paisley, in a baroque-ish shade of snot green as well as more muted pastels.

For me, paisley will always remind me of my stepdad’s silk robe, which I believe was St Michael. The above is a little more flamboyant, but not totally dissimilar. And you can buy it on Etsy!

The Guardian put together a really nice slideshow covering the history of paisley, from its Asian origins to its psychedelic sixties revival. View it here!

[Catwalk pics: Dazed Digital]

Anna Dello Russo and Carine Roitfeld do karaoke

Every season there’s a picture from fashion week that gets people excited. Last time it was Alexander Wang’s adorable niece in her fur coat, and who can forget Tavi’s view-blocking bow from a couple of years back?

We’re only a few days in, but I’ve already picked my defining fashion week moment and can’t see how it’s going to be toppled; Anna Dello Russo and Carine Roitfeld losing their shit to Careless Whisper at karaoke.

It’s not quite as much of a shock to the system as Anna Wintour busting out Bad Romance, but even so it’s a sight for these stressed, sore eyes.

Spotted by Jess Cartner-Morley – have you checked out the new Guardian fashion site yet?

The most stylish performances on MTV Unplugged

The latest video in the Swatch MTV Playground features Fred Butler on music. Fashion designer Fred explains that although she has no musical talent herself,  she maintains a healthy relationship with the industry through her involvement and collaboration with artists – creating outfits, accessories and props means she can contribute to music in her own way.

You can see what Fred has to say in the video above and if you want to hear more about her projects there’s a series of fantastic interviews with her and Beth Ditto here, where the two women discuss Grace Jones, origami and a blissful ignorance of celebrities.

In the spirit of Fred’s creative collaborations, and in keeping with MTV’s musical heritage , here are some of my favourite performances from stylish people on Unplugged:

aerosmith unplugged
Beautiful Steven Tyler wears flamboyant florals so well. Not many men would get a pass for so much accessorising but it’s Steven Tyler man!

hole unplugged

Inspiring 14-year-olds across the world since 1995, Courtney Love’s black lacy look feels as relevant now as it did 16 years ago.

bjork unplugged

The biggest weapon in Bjork’s creative arsenal is her insane voice so you can forgive her for appearing in a nice dress and not much else, except a serious face of makeup.

Colette x Away

Everyone likes a Breton stripe, perhaps no one more so than les Frenchies. Along with a baguette and a beret, a striped item is actually legally required to be held by all dwellers of Gallic lands. In fact, the French like blue and white Breton so much that their football team’s new Nike-designed away kit features a fine array of said stripes.

To celebrate the unveiling of the new kit, Colette has teamed up with 11 designers (that’s 11 like a football team, sport fans – I’m something of a pro) for the Away project. This latest creative collaboration sees a series of designers reinventing their iconic designs in simple blue and white stripes.  The all-star line-up comprises Chanel, Colorware, Comme des Garçons, Hermès, Ladurée, Longchamp, MontBlanc, Swatch, Trousselier and Yves Saint Laurent while the bits and pieces designed range from pens to limited editions handbags. Swit swoo!

The range is available from 28 March to 9 April, with a special stripy pop-up area in store at Colette and will be available online at afterwards.