Spring/Summer 2011: Milan highlights

Dolce and Gabbana was perfect. That’s what summer should look like. I think my pal Amee put it best when she said, “Dolce & Gabbana SS11 is making me feel sick in an Isabel Marant AW10 way – nauseous, feverish, sleepless.” Me too, buddy, me too.

Can’t say any more about Erdem that you haven’t already heard. Let’s just say white lace is replacing black as my favourite thing in the world. Goths in hot weather, take note.

Three’s a trend, as we say in the world of short deadline journalism, and lo! I spy THREE white lacy collections on the Milan catwalks. Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s Brioni is definitely reaching confirmation gown territory, but ah, I love it.

I hate Jil Sander for bringing back the peplum, but the colour in this collection is blissful.

Nice jersey shapes and colours at No21…

I do love a floral, and D&G did a suitably summery job. Alas, high street florals aren’t always top notch, and I fear that this collection – particularly the tiered maxis – might spell some horrendous imitations. Still, I look forward to being proved wrong in six months time.

Love lobster print

I’ve got into a bad habit of taking sneaky photos of people on my phone. It started with that woman in the incredible vest the other week (speaking of which, RIP Ronnie James Dio, you are much missed), then at KISS I spent most of the night taking stealth shots of people’s amazing outfits. Now this;

Sorry girl, but that lobster dress was too good not to share. I’m guessing it’s vintage but the cut actually looked pretty modern so… anyone got any ideas?

PS Sorry for no posts, it’s been a long, long birthday weekend complete with blood, guts and lots of rock and roll.

Edited to add…

Well, that was easy. My dear pal Kristina just informed me the dress is from Anthropologie. Makes sense I guess, me and the woman in question were both getting the bus outside the store armed with bags from within… the only thing that doesn’t make sense is that she then spent the entire bus journey talking about not being able to pay her rent. Don’t buy a dress that costs £118? Nah, I’ve been there. It’s always worth getting the dress. Rent can always wait. Next question: is it worth me waiting for Vegas to buy it for a little less or should I just spaff the bday cash?

New Look Press Day II

Just a couple of extra bits… The clothes at New Look were as good as the shoes, with loads of great chunky knits and dead nice coats. I only snapped a few bits because a) it’s hard to take pictures of clothes b) I had a cup of tea that I was struggling to balance and c) time was ticking by and it was time to get back to the office. Anyway, here are three of my favourite bits. There was also a brilliant candy pink 60s-ish swing coat with black velvet collar and buttons which I will be investing in… there’s a picture of it in the lookbook but I guess I left that at work because there’s no sign of it at home.

I wasn’t 100% sold on Mr Wang’s velvet reinvention, but when I saw this red velvet maxi skirt… I dunno, it did something for me. I can’t imagine wearing this as velvet isn’t the most forgiving of fabrics and with a maxi skirt one has to be careful but I wanted to take a picture of it anyway because it’s the first time I’ve been sold on velvet this season. Stage left we see Isabelle in her blouse that matched my dress so nicely. Thanks Iso, good clothes hanger holding skills.

Ooh hello, this is a bit Christopher Kane a few years ago isn’t it? I love this and it’s a lot more realistically doable than the maxi. Nice little party dress with corset top and flippy skirt in the perfect Christmas shade of red. Mmmhmm. I don’t like dressing thematically but at Christmas I always like to wear something FESTIVE. Such a nice 90s babydoll shape, I can already envision this with the belt that I wear every day of my life;

*Full disclaimer; that’s not me.

And now for something completely different… Cliché but true, there’s nothing better than a nice frock worn with a big khaki parka in winter. This will be this winter’s overcoat of choice for me. It’s the perfect shade of army green and has all the requisite bells and whistles but with the bonus addition of a huge furry hood. It’s faux of course, but so soft and silky and all furry all the way through, not just as a trim. Love the tie waist too; these coats tend to look best belted but I hate wearing a normal belt over a jacket. Much as fashion magazines like to do it, it’s a right pain in the arse to have a belt to keep hold of on a night out or when you go to some press do and have to take your jacket off and hand the bemused assistant your separate belt. This will be mine and the only question is whether to put the stoner smiley face badge that I mentioned in my last New Look post on here or on the velvet backpack…

I heart hot dogs

My love of hot dogs is documented on this very page, but what about my love of things with a face? I love anything inanimate with a face, especially if it’s happy and smiley. It doesn’t even need to be a fully functioning face TBH; this breakfast is the stuff of dreams…

Girl Gang London have therefore made all my dreams come true with this Hot Dog Head Bag. Amazing! Although I’d be sorely tempted to remove the badges provided and replace them with googly eyes…

Channel Gaga with flip-out sunglasses

Yow, check out these sunglasses from Rokit (above). They’re calling them ’60s Minnie Mouse Flip-Up Sunglasses’ but I think what you and I would probably call them is ‘Jeremy Scott Mickey Mouse sunglasses‘ (below). Right? I don’t dig designer copies but flip-up sunglasses have been around since the dawn of time so it’s not like he invented them, even if he did have the idea to shift the top layers around to the side a little bit so they looked like ears. I guess there’s also the added benefit with his that you can shut out the world with the flaps down; traditionally these things work as glasses that can niftily be converted in sunnies with just the flick of your wrist. There are some really nice vintage ones on eBay, if you prefer a tortoiseshell and gold finish to your frames. Speaking of which, I bet all the people bidding on these Gaga glasses are gonna kick themselves when they see that the specs they’re bidding on could be picked up for £18 at Rokit.

Is it ok to wear viking horns?

Love this image that was just on Palpable Obscure. Forget House of Harlow, that’s the kind of head accessory I’m interested in. Big freakin crystal ball stuck in the middle of a horned crown? Yep yep yep. Kinda reminds me of this crown I found on Etsy:

I mean… would any of you ever speak to me again if I bought that? I know it’s like something you’d make in metalwork at college, but yet I think I’d feel pretty fucking cool with that on my head.

Sensible shoes from Radley

In her infinite wisdom (hereafter to be referred to as ‘twisdom’), Twin put me on to Radley today for some surprisingly awesome shoes. I know what you’re thinking, because I think it too; Radley? The leather people with the little dogs? Hmmmmm, not so much. I have never bought anything from Radley in my life or even really looked at their collections, but these shoes are really appealing to me for summer. I’ve talked on here before about my love for ugly, semi-orthopaedic shoes and I think these sort of fit into that category, what with their sensible chunky heels and sturdy buckles. The pastel tones, particularly on those ortho-wedgy-heels, are the shit and would work really nicely with basically my entire summer wardrobe. I’m currently disabled with a gammy knee and have been pretty much living in sensible flats, but these look like I could wear ’em all day and not have to wince in pain once. They come in loads more colourways too, so check the Radley site if you’re as practically-minded as me. Oh, and the prices are sensible too — it blows my mind that if you had £65 to spend at Radley you could buy a pair of those bad boys or this.

PS The ugly, clompy, orthopaedic shoe is the only concession to this ridiculous notion of small heels that I’m going to get behind. Kitten heels are gross, whatever Giles says. Flat/clompy ugly wedge/vertiginous are the only three heel heights I’m down with.

Hambags handbags

I definitely wrote about the amazing Hambag (and friends) on the old blog, but that croissant necklace reminded me of how bad-ass they are and I figured some of you might not have seen them before. I don’t usually go in for novelty accessories… OK a fly hairslide might be seen as a bit of a novelty, but it’s novelty in an awesome way, this is balls out of the bath full-on LOL! novelty. What can I say? I just really like hot dogs. They remind me of nights at Rudy’s. Available at Garudio Studiage for a remarkably reasonable £28. along with some other right old awesome bits.

Token hot dog reference:

Style icons: California Dreams

Last weekend me and Mr Fur Coat went round to Laura and Robin‘s to do a bit of home karaoke. Unfortunately we soon realised that the CD that came with her sister’s machine was full of songs that we are all too old to know so after a bit of technical wizardy, Laura hooked up the machine to YouTube. Best. Idea. Ever. Seeing Laura and Robin serenade each other with the Home and Away theme tune will stay with me forever. Maybe you guys should have it as your first dance?

We also cranked out some old TV titles  in a bid to make Laura’s 13 year old sister see what she’d been missing out on by being born in 1996 (I know, blows my mind too). California Dreams was my pick and the minute the video kicked in me and Laura were both kind of struck by how amazing all the clothes were.


I don’t want to be too entirely predictable, but honestly… I would wear everything in this video. Let’s go frame by frame – no, really, let’s! Alas the quality is pretty poor when you do a screen grab, but when you watch the vid it’s fine.

Tiffani’s floral/tropical baby doll. Way to pair your bass with you dress, hot stuff.

Jenny’s 90s cut gingham bikini and high waisted denim shorts… inspiration for Vegas, point taken.

Boss John Lennon-esque round glasses. I used to have these as a teenager, is it time to bring them back?

Double denim: sleeveless shirt and rolled up boy shorts. I love this!

Side note: who are these jokers?

Neon pink is always a winner.

Another neat floral baby doll.

I also found this awful quality tiny picture. I don’t want to get you too excited, but it looks to me like Tiffani is wearing a floor length floral skirt, big trainers and a denim vest. Uhmmm. In the main pic at the top I’d also like to give special credit to the white socks and biker boots look, something I personally am READY for.

Didn’t that music just transport you to a better place? I’m now going to watch all the episodes on YouTube and enjoy every minute. ENJOY this reunion clip!