Tasteful macs from CHCM

After all that talk of practical clothing this morning, you’ll never guess what I’ve gone and got excited about. A men’s coat! From a sensible men’s shop! Unfortunately it’s $600 (SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS?) but still, there you have it, a nice, practical coat that would be ideal for trekking up a mountain. I’d never heard of C’H’C’M’ before today, but if you’re into nice men’s gear (yo Iso), maybe you’ll dig it. This Gloverall coat is actually a pac-a-mac which makes it ten better in my opinion but you have to wonder who has the cashflow to spend six hundred bucks on a kag in a bag, especially when the amazing Burberry one is a third of the price. Me in a dream world, evidently.

Spotted on the UO blog!

Going hiking in a skirt

J.F Willumsen, En Bjergbestigerske (1904)

I seem to have unwittingly got myself signed up for some kind of walk on Easter Monday. This is problematic for a couple of reasons. First of all it’s a Bank Holiday so I fully expect to be drunk, hungover, or both. This is all well and good when you’re on your Duke of Edinburgh trek and a hip flask of Dooley’s is par for the course (note to ex-teachers and parents: it wasn’t me), but when you’re a grandma like me and you’ve not set foot on a stile for… years, then it’s not going to help matters.

The second and more pressing issue is that of what to wear. I don’t own any practical clothes. This isn’t intended as a brag or anything because I think it’s pretty shameful, I just don’t really go in for trousers or sensible shoes. When I bought my DMs last year I was really proud of myself for owning my first ever practical footwear. When I wore them for a trek to the pub in the snow over Christmas, Mr Fur Coat’s family found it highly amusing that I considered them appropriate walking gear but I was the only person that didn’t fall over and my feet were toasty warm so I win. The heel actually seems to help you on your way through ice and snow, so maybe they’ll do for the weekend hike.

The real problem I guess is what to clothe myself in. I always quite happily do what little outdoor activity I do in a dress or skirt and get the job done fine, but again, people always seem to find that highly amusing. My Barbour is another ‘sensible’ buy from last year but I need to get down to Regent Street and pick up a hood for it before I can really call myself appropriately dressed.

I read a really interesting post on Needled on the subject of appropriate womenswear for walking recently, which included some really interesting anecdotes from female mountain climbers in ye olde days.

Constance Barnicoat, who was apparently a famous mountain climber in the early 1900s is quoted as saying:

“skirts, even the shortest, are almost impracticable. I promptly sent for proper boys boots . . . and generally rigged myself out as much like a boy as possible with sweater, knickers, and puttees to my knees. . . whatever arguments may be urged against a boy’s dress for a woman anywhere within range of civilisation, those arguments do not hold good in such wilds as we went through.”

Fingers crossed my mountain won’t be so wild. The Needled post also happened to be illustrated with some brilliant vintage imagery on the subject which I’ve copied here. Something to inspire me, perhaps??

Style icons: The Tribe

I’ve been intending to write this post for about three years, but there’s just so much to say that it’s hard to know where to start. Phew, here goes.

When I was younger I was obsessed to a frightening degree with The Tribe. Yeah, this is a post about The Tribe, the Australian post-apocalyptic tv show. For some reason it’s been on my mind a lot lately so I figured it was time to take the plunge and just do it. Here’s the opening titles to get us all in the mood;

I think it started when I read The Last Children as a kid. I don’t (and never did) have any desire to live in a world without adults — we’ve all read Lord of the Flies, after all. I think I just enjoyed reading about it. Anyway, the appeal of The Tribe clearly wasn’t just the whole living in a deserted shopping centre without grown-ups, it was about how fucking cool the guys in the show were. Independent, intelligent, funny, self-sufficient… stylish?

Obviously. Amber and Bray were clearly the best characters but even the baddies were awesome, with their braids and Cyberdog silver trousers. Writing about The Tribe today, obviously my focus for this post is on the hair and makeup. The face paint side of things gets a bit much after a while but I still think they look fucking ace and can completely understand why my teenage brain cut out all the pictures of the characters from the Radio Times and kept them on my wall.

Again, the whole look does get a bit Cyberdog at times but it’s not like I’d wear any of this head to toe. Unless I had a Tribe party. Wait, why haven’t I done that? Oh right, ‘cos no-one would come.

So this is Amber. Before I go any further I should give mad props to Tribeworld, which is the most insanely indepth website I’ve ever seen. It makes weirdo Star Wars fans look normal. There are so many pictures, so many videos, so many facts. You could spend all weekend on there. Would you judge me if I did?

Anyway, Amber is the best character for many reasons, one of which is her hair. On this page of the afore mentioned site, there’s even a MAC-style cheat sheet to get her makeup. Yegod! I particularly liked it when she put it in Bjork-ish knots.

This is Ellie. She started out life as a farm girl but by the time she’d spent some time with the Mallrats, she was more stylish than any of them. Kind of a riot grrl thing going on with her wardrobe?? And that hair, the hair so many teenage girls dreamed of in the late 90s… aided and abetted with one of those acrylic hair extension scrunchies.

Cloe and Patsy. Always the best hair and always time for some blue lipstick. Swoon. Both of these guys were supposed to be pretty timid and kind of outsiders until they made friends with each other, but I ask you — how can you be shy when you look as good as this?

Trudy was probably the most 90s person in The Tribe, with her baby bangs/occasional wonky fringe and purple hair and combat trousers. And face stickers. Her baby was pretty cool too, with lime green hair if I remember rightly.

Later when she was a tribe leader she wore a lot of capes and wizard-ish gear. Not so down with that.

And finally Ebony. Ebony the badass with her braids and black and red leather and black bandito eye mask. She is literally the baddest of the bad and although I was vaguely obsessed with her, it was more like that girl from school that you’re scared of and a bit in awe of at the same time. Word of warning, you might want to put safe search on when you Google ‘Ebony The Tribe’. After page one, image search gets a bit confused and, uhm, ‘ racy’.

OK, that’ll do for now. I could bleat more but I’ve spent most of the weekend on Tribeworld and I feel the need to reconnect with the real world. If you want more, just read the pages and pages of in depth discussion here. There is literally an answer for everything.

My Luella veil

Last night I had a long overdue drink with my dear pal Amee. I’ve not seen her for months so just hanging out was a treat (fuck you! I mean it!) but in terms of more traditional treats… This is definitely a good one:

(Like my emo fringe?)

Amee very kindly liberated this beauty for me last November (RIP) and I’ve been anticipating its arrival ever since. I don’t want this to sound like I only hang out with my pals for the freebies. Amee also has great Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love gossip. But seriously folks, when you’re hanging out with someone totally awesome who you’ve not seen for months, this kind of thing only enhances the experience. I don’t think I can pull it off with quite the same panache as Jourdan but I’ll give it a go.

Thanks Amee, you rule!

You got the money, I got the soul

I was just wondering what my favourite Etsy seller Aquanetta was up to… this apparently. Call me crazy, but I have a lot of time for these. Maybe this is the way for me to handle dabbling my toe back into the world of trousers? It’s basically a skirt, nobody but you know would know… The kind of Van Gogh print is all kinds of amazing. I dunno man, I’m behind it. These, white t-shirt, these Swedish Hasbeens. Sure, I’d be utterly repellent to the opposite sex but that’s sort of the look I go for anyway.

By the way, if you want your hand to look identical to my hand, today, right now, Aquanetta is selling the same bunch of rings that I’m wearing this second. I bought them last year and they still get more compliments than any other jewels I own.

Maison Michel-a-like bunny ears at… Hot Topic

Once upon a time, admitting to shopping at Hot Topic was basically the biggest sin you could commit amongst my punker than thou friends. If you bought your NOFX t-shirt there rather than Interpunk you were basically a soulless sell-out who didn’t care about music or the spirit of punk rock. A couple of things seem to have changed. First up, Hot Topic has a picture of Justin Bieber on the front page, which I don’t really get. Granted my knowledge of Bieber is small, but I thought he was a simpering boy band type? Has Hot Topic given up the punk game or is Bieber more hardcore than I thought? Anyway, on top of that I have also grown a pair so don’t really give a shit about shopping at Hot Topic if they have something decent that I want. Pretty sure it doesn’t matter where you get your kicks. [See also: Dorothy Perkins, Matalan, Yeomans]

That said, the reason for all this was to say that Gala got these Maison Michel-a-like bunny ears from HT and I like ’em. They seem to look better in the flesh (well, photograph of a real person) as Gala demonstrates here. Buy a pair for the princely sum of $12 here. You can have them delivered in plain packaging if it makes you feel better.

Bambi meets Babycham

I think we’ve had words about animals on clothing before (animals good; animals on clothing, hmm, bit twee but sometimes OK, it’s a hard one to call)? Still, these thermals from the Paul & Joe Sister A/W 2010 collection are pretty appealing. The print, which you probably can’t make out, is the same as the picture on the sweater. The entire range, from the colours to the 60s detailing and, obviously, the deer motif, screams Babycham to me, but apparently the collection is inspired by Bambi and Gossip Girl.


Really? Not the delicious sparkling perry? Are you sure?

PS I think I need a trip to the factory so I can be like my all-time hero above heroes, Pippa Brooks, and climb on the giant fawn.

New favourite eBay store klaxon

A kindly reader (yo Marina!) sent me a link to an eBay store she thought I might like. I do! I’m as easy to read as a Martina Cole, I know. I know some people view sharing eBay sellers as akin to revealing your secret pub that’s always quiet, even on a Friday night, but still has a really good vibe and a wide selection of amazing ales (I’LL NEVER TELL) but…. where was I?… here goes. Thriftwares. Cheap, cheerful and good photography; the holy grail of eBay.

PS Pretty sure I dreamt about that leopard jumper once, it’s like Chloe Sev x OC but affordable.

Prêt-à-Portea fashion teabags

You can already have Prêt-àPortea at the Berkeley, but if West London is too much of a schlep (it is) then why not try… uhm, Prêt-àPortea? It’s different, even if the name is the same. This version is way more fun too. Little teabags with fashion people’s bodies on!! omg!! Karl, Donatella, Naomi, Jean Paul and Naomi I can get behind. Claudia, not so much. I mean, of course she’s a goddess. I love her deeply. But she’s not a fashion icon in the same sense as the others to me. I’d rather have Rykiel or even the Mossatron. Still, can’t complain too much because they’re awesome and the company responsible, Donkey, are German so maybe they just wanted to show a fellow fraulein some love.

You can pick up the set of 5 for just 7,95€ at Donkey. Check out the rest of the bits on the site too, they have some right old treats! Wunderbar indeed.