Shop The Earring Boutique’s one day sale ASAP!

Run, don’t walk, to The Earring Boutique where new season styles are 50% off for one day only – scream! One of my favourite places to buy jewellery, I have a right old stash of earrings from these guys including my 60s cocktail doorknockers, favourite agate slices and old favourite chandeliers.

The sale ends at midnight tonight so… what are you waiting for?

Get a bit of 1950s-look glamour with these spangly starbursts – they’re clip-ons, which means you can also double them up as BROOCHES. Was £55, now £27.50

BE LIKE ME! Mother of pearl shells with Swarovski additions – these are my favourite earrings at the moment and, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be like me? Was £70, now £35

A little bit 80s, a little bit 60s, a lot sparkly… And these ones are for pierced ears, not clip-ons. Was £45, now £22.50


25% off at My Salvation Jewellery

Ever found yourself thinking, “Man, I wish I was more like Rachael” (don’t front)?

Good news.

The Etsy store where I bought my beloved Sinners & Saints bangles not only has them back in stock, but you can also get 25% off – making you a cheaper version of me.

The discount applies across everything in the My Salvation store and is valid until Friday 2 December. The code you need is BLACKFRIDAY2011.

Living with Chronic Bitchface

I’ve been back from New York for just a few short hours and already I’m planning for a black tie work function tomorrow and a fleeting visit to Hamburg at the end of the week.

More on NYC at a later date – for now, bask in the wonder of this illustration from your friend and mine, the mighty talent that is Kris Atomic. Judging by the Twitter feedback, I’m not alone in recognising every single day of my life in this… “I saw you walking down the high street at lunchtime, you looked so angry.”

Kris says there’s a print of it coming soon! For now, you can see what other goodies she has on offer in her store.

P.S. If anyone has any ideas for vintage shopping in Hamburg, hit me up. German vintage is always so fucking good.

Want me to look like a Hollywood star

Someone at work said to me yesterday; “All your friends have really interesting jobs.”  I don’t know if Ian, who recently spent a week investigating fraudulent HB pencils would agree with that, but I guess it’s fair to say I have a lot of friends who work in fashion, which is pretty interesting. In fact, when I heard that Iso spent New Year playing fashion blogger charades, I was more surprised that we’d not played it before than anything else. Hmm, I guess it takes a special group of beings to take pleasure in miming the likes of Bryan Boy and Tavi to an enthralled audience.

Anyway, one friend that definitely does have an interesting job is Sofie, who makes a fine living dreaming up handbags of great beauty.  When someone spends their life designing handbags, it’s inevitable that they’ll pick up a few along the way, and perhaps have a few going spare. And so it came to pass that this Christmas I picked up two new additions to my purse collection… Happy Christmas?

Thanks to snow and stupid post office opening hours, I’ve only just been able to release my babies from their cardboard prison, but now they’re finally here I can safely say we’re going to be very happy together. I took my own pansy pictures this morning (like my new bedspread?), but suffice to say they’re not quite as amazing as the ones taken by Sofie’s boyfriend as part of our civilised transaction. Mmmhmm. Diolch yn fawr, Sofie!

Public Service Announcement: Wild West Yorkshire

Twin‘s pa, Mad Dog Pat Macaulay is one of the coolest people on the planet (see above for confirmation). When he’s not perfecting his beard, he presents a rockin’ and rollin’ radio show, along with his pal, Hillbilly Al Kilner. The Wild West Yorkshire Show is on every second Sunday of the month on Phoenix FM, bringing you the bestest in American roots, blues, jazz, country, and general weird stuff.

You can hear said show live tomorrow (that’s Sunday 10 October) between 10am and 12 noon. Rumour has it Twin herself will be making an appearance – and let’s be honest, it’s worth listening to for that alone.

Listen to the Wild West Yorkshire Show on Phoenix Radio HERE!

Luv AJ makes pyrite pretty

If you remember my agate post – which I’m certain you do – you’ll remember that Papa Gibson had a keen interest in geology, and that my childhood home was full of minerals. Fool’s Gold, or Pyrite to give it the technical name, was always a favourite. Yes, even as a child I had no taste, and was drawn to sparkly things that are worth much less than they look.

Luv AJ (nothing to do with Low Luv, despite the Y7-ish spelling) has a fine selection of Pyrite gems this season – my particular favourite being the knuckle duster. However, reasonably priced as it is, I can’t help but think a trip to papa’s Peak District Mining Museum gift store would offer a more competitive option…

PS Obviously:

Buying Christine’s clothes

Some of you may be aware that my right honourable Twin (check out her new website) earns a reputable living designing for the high street. I’d say pretty much anything nice on the high street is the result of her hard labour – weird to think her doodlings are hanging in the wardrobes of the world…

A little game I like to play (because I am a sad bastard) is, ‘what did Twin design?’

When Look magazine lands on my desk every week, or I take a stroll down the high street at lunch, I look out for anything I think Christine might have been responsible for. I never actually check with her (sad bastard, see above), but I definitely have it down pat. Having spent three years at uni pretty much working in tandem with her, and all the following years shopping/blogging/shooting with her, I’m pretty sure my eye is trained accurately.

This week I decided to put my talents to the test, after spying a frock in Peacocks that I had my eye on. One message later and… Sure enough, I was right. Conjoined thinking.

PS My collage is better than hers

PPS I have had this song in my head since I started thinking about this post, lulz!

My Luella veil

Last night I had a long overdue drink with my dear pal Amee. I’ve not seen her for months so just hanging out was a treat (fuck you! I mean it!) but in terms of more traditional treats… This is definitely a good one:

(Like my emo fringe?)

Amee very kindly liberated this beauty for me last November (RIP) and I’ve been anticipating its arrival ever since. I don’t want this to sound like I only hang out with my pals for the freebies. Amee also has great Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love gossip. But seriously folks, when you’re hanging out with someone totally awesome who you’ve not seen for months, this kind of thing only enhances the experience. I don’t think I can pull it off with quite the same panache as Jourdan but I’ll give it a go.

Thanks Amee, you rule!

Normal service: resumed

Apologies for the lack of posting, I was on a work jolly to Ragdale Hall this weekend and took some time off either side because, well, what’s the point of doing sweet FA at a spa if you’re going to throw yourself back into the world of work straight away? Nada, that’s what. On a momentary work front, I cannot rave about Ragdale enough so if you’re looking for a spa within reach of London or just an all-round amazing spa TBH then you really can’t do better. Highlights included the staff who are just above and beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in this country, brilliant facilities and uhm, food. I know food isn’t top of the list for most people on spa but not everyone goes there for detox and health purposes… some people, like me, are pigs. I had a fantastic bloody steak for dinner and their local platter of pork pie and stilton was one of the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

While you’re in Melton Mowbray, I also suggest a trip to the Anne of Cleves which is an ancient building, given to (guess who?) Anne of Cleves by Henry VIII as part of their divorce settlement. They have a great range of ales (no really, this is what excites me these days) and we spent a happy (few) hour(s) there before our train. Perfect end to a healthy spa break… right?

Pic comes via tod.ragsdale on Flickr