Furcoat favourites: There’s a word for people like you

In Sheffield there’s a word for people who feel the cold badly; nesh. I never used to be nesh, but moving south has definitely transformed my inner thermostat. I am constantly freezing. In the office I have been known to sit under a blanket. I am wearing two dresses today, one basic jersey one purely serving as a snuggly bonus layer. My ASHISH x Topshop ski jacket is just about warm enough if worn with thermals, gloves, hat, scarf and triple-socks.

Regardless of whether you’re as nesh as I am, there’s no doubt it’s proper cold out there at the moment. Here are some things I’d like to use to tend to my extremities and… innertremities?

1) HeatTech Knitted Shorts, £9.90, Uniqlo – Cannot rave enough about HeatTech, ever. It is proper magic and has seen me through winters in Iceland and Norway and, indeed, Sheffield. Not so great when you’re getting on the tube and end up sweating like a beast but at all other times, A+.  Think these shorts are new for this year as I’ve not seen them before, but they seem a perfect alternative to the leggings that I usually wear.

2) Frauenschuh Wool Beanie, £140, Browns – I’d never heard of Frauenschuh until today, but any old German skiwear brand has got to know a thing or two about keeping warm. I’ve spent October in Hamburg and that was effing freezing, so I’m sure when it’s actually cold they’d pull all the stops out. And, still obsessed with beanies.

3) Bandana Scarf, £25, Lazy Oaf – It’s a SCARF and it has a BANDANA print. That just blows my tiny mind.

4) REN Rose Ultra-Moisture Serum, £42, Salon Skincare – This has been a winter favourite of mine since I first started writing about beauty. A little goes a very, very long way and if you slather it all over your face before bed you do legit wake up with a baby-soft face. Also, smells great. Who doesn’t link drifting off to a rosy-smelling face?

5) Amble Stripe Socks, £11.95, Barbour – As with point number two, a country-wear company is pretty much guaranteed to get warm socks right. Right? And you can definitely guarantee that a country-wear company are gonna nail offbeat colour combos – green and pink and violet and powder blue are my faves after this festive pair.

6) Markus Lupfer x Whistles Gloves, £45, Whistles – Markus Lupfer’s capsule collection for Whistles brings all the charm of his witty knits to the high street – to be honest my favourite things is the dog coat but as I’m sadly lacking in a pup, these gloves will have to suffice. They look pleasingly long too, which is handy as all my coats seem to have bracelet-length sleeves. That or I have freakishly long arms. Never considered that until now. Shit.

7) Nikka Whisky, £39.99, Selfridges – if in doubt, nothing beats a booze blanket.

Furcoat favourites: Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen


There’s still a week to go until Halloween but as I’m going to be away on the big day (IN AMERICA OMG) and as you might need to take the time to get these ordered and delivered and sent to me, here are a few spookster favourites in advance.

Just in case you wondered, this is what I’m going to be wearing to go trick or treating in my hotel corridor. I hear those Californians go big for Halloween so I hope I won’t go home with an empty bucket.

Mimi Holliday by Damaris Lace Cat Ear Headband, £135, Net-A-Porter – more than a passing resemblance to Maison Michel’s ears but what’s Halloween without slutty cat ears?

Mimi Holliday by Damaris Bisou Bisou Berry Lace Bodysuit, £87, Net-A-Porter – this is just here because it’s black lace, to be honest.

Orange Boo Ghost Ankle Socks, £3.50, Topshop – I’m fairly anti novelty socks as a rule, but these ghosts have got nice faces. Side note: as I live in black tights, I haven’t bought a pair of socks for years. The only ones I own are ones that my mum gets me at Christmas. Is £3.50 a lot for socks? I have no idea.

Los Siete Misterious Espadin Mezcal, £115, Selfridges – pretty sure £100+ is too much for booze, even if it does have skellingtons on the bottle.

Modern Alchemy Temple Candle, £50, Heals – not only is it black (the best of all candle colours) but it smells of temples. Temples of doom. Can’t beat a bit of black pepper and myrrh for a suitably gothic stink, right?

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Halloween Special, $11.75, Amazon – I loooooooove Sally Hansen nail wraps and these special Halloween ones are even more amazing. Ghosts!! Spiderwebs!! Skulls!! You’d better believe I am buying 20 packs of each in Cali next week.

Charlotte’s Web Slippers, £485, Charlotte Olympia – I can only imagine how happy I’ll be the day these land on my lap.

Diptyque L’Ombre dans L’Eau, £85, Liberty – most Diptyque fragrances have a bit of a dark, gothic note to my nose and this one in particular sounds perfect for this time of year. The blurb says it smells of Damask roses on a bed of moss – how dreamy does that sound?

Sleeper with Oversized Cross Charm, £38, Maria Francesca Pepe – because MFP is always a winner.

Furcoat favourites: buy my books!

Furcoat Amazon bookstore!

I bang on about books an awful lot and while I’m sure that most of the time most of you roll your eyes and wait for something better to come along, I know for a fact that some people are interested because they’ve said so. So there.

I document most of my reading on Good Reads but now, in an exciting turn of events, I’ve collated some of my favourites in an Amazon store.

This is an idea copied directly from Twin but it does make sense really – all the books I talk about, in one handy place. Oh and I guess I get a cut if you buy them through the link too, so you’ll also get a warm feeling inside knowing that you’ve helped me buy another pair of sunglasses from ASOS/Jeeves & Wooster book/pint of Wandle.

The front page takes you straight to my all-time favourites, then in the links on the right you can browse other categories. I’ve opted for the things that I get asked about most, so there’s 20s and 30s biographies, social history and then just other general fiction that I enjoy. Also worth noting that I get through books at a fairly swift rate of knots so the store will be growing…

I will be putting the link in a more obviously accessible place soon, but for now you can just click here and buy my books. Enjoy!

[Real Gabinete Portugues De Leitura Rio De Janeiro, Brazil via Bookshelves]

Furcoat favourites: is pyjama week a thing?

I’m back!

Sort of!


I’ve had a few emails over the last couple of days about it being Pyjama Week and while my preliminary research has only come up with a kids’ charity event, who am I argue to with PRs armed with fully-prepared releases about said week?

I love pyjamas, I love lounging and I love notions of grandeur about lazing around in silk loungewear drinking a martini and reading a book. If that’s not what Pyjama Week is about, so sue me.

You can see other things I’ve written about pyjamas (yes, really) here and here and here but for now, here’s what I’d wear in my dream lounge scenario.

[Jean Harlow in Dinner at Eight: Noir and Chick Flicks]

Clockwise from bottom left;

1) Equipment Avery Brushed-Silk Pajama Set, £470, Net-A-Porter – if you’re going to wear a shirt to bed, it may as well be an Equipment one.

2) Suburb Martini Glass, £11.09 for four, Alliance – because coordinating your cocktail glass with your pyjamas is exactly the kind of thing that I’d seriously worry about.

3) Kiki de Montparnasse Amour Kimono, £1,085, Net-A-Porter – who else but the queen of luxurious underthings for something lacy to froth around in?

4) The Perfect Hour: The Romance of F. Scott Fitzgerald by James West – next on my reading list. I love Zelda and Francis, of course, but this is all about his first love Ginevra King – who I have been fascinated with for a loooong old time.

5) Monogrammed Slippers, £275, Shipton & Heneage – as a faithful fan of all things monogrammed, these slippers obviously appeal to me. What I like best, though, is that they’re a heritage brand doing something quite traditional – but the initial is in that little love heart. Ahh.

6) Archipelago Private Reserve Stem Diffuser, £42, Selfridges – going to sleep with candles burning is an occupational hazard when you’re a booze hound with a penchant for burning expensive things, but I think I may have to put that dangerous habit on hold and invest in a diffuser instead. All the smell, none of the arson. This one smells of rosehips, freesia and patchouli aka a dream trio of scents.

Furcoat favourites: Goodhood bonanza


I know I keep going on about Goodhood and their fifth anniversary, but that’s because I love them. Look at those pictures of the pop-up shop; what a mentally-soothing palette of grey and white black. MMMmmm. Just what the brain needs after five days of CLOTHES and FASHION WEEK and MAKEUP.

Calm, cool, collected and all of my favourite brands in one place selling limited edition treats. What’s not to love, eh? The fact that pay day is a fortnight away? Hmm, yeah, that.


1) Goodhood x R. Newbold Duff Stadium Jacket, £650; 2) Goodhood Way Back Tie-Dye Shirt, £45; 3) Goodhood x R. Newbold Outsider 3/4 Shirt, £62; 4) Goodhood Patchwork Cushion, £69; 5) Goodhood x Great River School Backpack, £161 6) 5th Anniversary Sticker, £2


I don’t really go in for the idea of fashion week ~survival kits but nevertheless, there are a few things that I would be lost without when I’m working at the shows and with no more original ideas in my head in this hell-hole of a working week, here are some of them. [And a few things that I would like to magically find at the end of my bed on Friday morning, like a special fashion week Christmas stocking.]

Clockwise from top left;

1. Zoe Karssen Live Fast Sweater, £95, Net-A-Porter – Like all things Karssen, I really want this. I tend to wear much less than usual at fashion week and that’s all good when you’re razzing around all day, but when you’re on Waterloo Bridge waiting for the 171 at 11pm… it gets a bit cold.

2) Cat Eye and Contrast sunglasses, both £12, ASOS – I buy ASOS sunglasses like they’re going out of fashion [LOL IT’S FUNNY BECAUSE THEY ARE] and usually have several pairs squeezed into one of those little drawstring sock bags they send you. I am, of course, against sunglasses indoors/at shows/on public transport, but when you leave the house at 6am for Margaret Howell on Sunday morning, no-one needs to see your little piggy eyes.

3) I finally managed to find some dungaree shorts I like! Not these ones – these are from Topshop Petite – and have approx. twelve outfits in mind already that I want to somehow fit into fashion week involving them.

4) Children’s Bristle Brush, £36, Mason Pearson – I know, I know. You hear about these brushes all the time. That’s because they are that good and they do make a difference to your hair. I tend to go without brushing mine for days at a time, but when I do want to look slightly more presentable – or I’m interviewing the kind of hairdresser that intimidates me – this brush makes me look like a normal person.

5) Black Block Heel Boots, £35, Dorothy Perkins – I bought these after seeing Natalie in them and as you’d expect from such a stylish person, they are a WIN. Goes without saying that I don’t do ridiculous heels at fashion week.

6) Monochrome Tote, £68, Eley Kishimoto – You can tell the important people from the non-people (like me) at fashion week by the size of their bag. If it’s a small, tasteful handbag they are an important person who has a car, hotel room, or servant to carry their belongings around. Not for them the change of shoes, jumper, laptop, camera, cables, notepads and umbrellas that we mere mortals need. They shove all that in their car, hotel room or servant and make them deal with it. The non-people have to buy enormous tote bags and get bad backs.

7) Blush in Flush, £6 and Lipstick in Nevada, £8, Topshop – I got both of these in a goodie bag the other week and am pretty taken with them both. Topshop makeup is really good and cheap enough to allow you to buy into a trend without regretting it a few weeks later. This blush is nowhere near as insane as it looks and also works on your lips, while the lipstick is nude but with a creme-gloss finish so you don’t look too sixties. Both nice little seasonal updates that will make a welcome addition to my razz-around makeup bag.

8) Worker Pen, £2.29, Stabilo – These pens aren’t actually that great for fashion week because they smudge really easily if it rains or you get sweaty, but I seem to have a lifetime supply of them so they invariably end up being my pen of choice. I love that the website describes them as; ‘THE TOOL FOR HARD WORK.” Because that’s what writing about hair is. HARD WORK.

9) Deodorant. Doesn’t matter what it is, it’s just good to have. Yeah, yeah, your pocket-sized perfume might be a bit nicer for Into The Gloss to talk about or for you to Instagram when you do a ~what’s in my bag??~ feature but you can’t beat some good old deodorant when you stink after piling on the tube to get to that show. Another problem Important People with cars/hotels/servants don’t have, perhaps.

10) CX300 In-Ear Headphones, £26.10 Sennheiser – Just bought another pair of these. The headband ones are great for day-to-day listening but when you’re pulling them in and out and screwing them up in your bag, these are much more practical. Ever see those people keeping headphones in on the front row? MAN, who does that?

11) Power Rock Case, £23.95, New Trent – an iPhone case that charges your phone at the same time. Because you can never, ever, have enough charging implements at fashion week.

12)  Flask, $50, In God We Trust – I have never taken a hip flask to fashion week, and I am only just starting to question why.

Furcoat favourites: The OMG JW Anderson for Topshop edition


By now there can’t be many people who haven’t squealed about JW Anderson x Topshop, which launches online and in store next Friday 14 September. I love JWA at the best of times and this collaboration is no exception to his mainline collections – inspired by schoolgirl goths and ghosts and ghoulies, it’s basically my predictable dreams come true. Knitwear!! Black dresses with white collars!! Varsity jackets!! I JUST LITERALLY WROTE ABOUT THEM.

The price points on this collaboration are interesting too – there will be fun things like sweets and pens and badges starting at 99p which is all well and good, but the clothes themselves are really reasonable too and much better value than a lot of previous Topshop collabs which I haven’t been half as excited about. That scarf is £12.99. The bat jumper which I am utterly obsessed with is £69.99. Dresses are £39.99. That strikes me as a pretty good bargain, especially as it sounds as though the shopping experience itself is going to be pretty special.

I’d recommend you read Susie Bubble’s guide to the collection here for an overall feel of what’s going to be on offer in-store (it includes Argos-style catalogues) and check our Fashionista’s complete lookbook of the collection – complete with prices – here.

For now, here are my favourites. Only question now is how day one of London Fashion Week is going to tally up with me being hunched over the computer trying to get hold of everything I want…

1) Slogan Scarf, £12.99; 2) Striped T-Shirt, £29.99; 3) Bat Jumper. £69.99; 4) Cotton Dress, £79.99; 5) Loafers, £69.99; 6) Varsity Jacket, £129.99

Furcoat favourites: Kim Gordon’s wardrobe

Refinery 29 has teamed up with Mercy Vintage Now in Oakland, California to auction off the actual real-life clothes of Kim Gordon.


As well as the novelty factor of wearing Kim’s sweated-on clothes, there’s the added thrill factor that some of them were worn in Sonic Youth videos and on-stage at various gigs. It goes without saying that Kim’s taste is pretty awesome – there’s early Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu and Marni in there, so even if you’re not a hardcore SY fan there’s still some fashion history to invest in.

The sale starts online this Saturday 1 September 1 at 8am PST – set your alarms, put the date in your diary and ready your credit card.

Clockwise from top left, here’s some of what’s up for grabs;

1) Mayle Tan dress, Ann Demeulemeester boots, Andrea Pfister bag
2) Cosmic Wonder dress, Marc Jacobs shoes
3) Marni dress, Marc Jacobs boots, Philip Treacy hat
4) Mayle dress, Ann Demeulemeester boots, Oscar De La Renta bag

[Pictures: Refinery 29]

Furcoat favourites: I broke my watch

I broke my watch this weekend during an intense swimming session at Charlton Lido. Ol’ faithful isn’t waterproof, apparently, no matter what it claims.

I’m currently trying to decide whether or not to replace my trusty Casio with the exact same model, but here’s a few other options. Some more affordable/viable than others.

1) Boyfriend Watch, £22, ASOS – Rose gold is my favourite colour for cheap jewellery and accessories; doesn’t matter if it gets discoloured that way, right?. Even ol’ faithful went a bit brassy around the edges, at least this gets there first.

2)  Marc by Marc Jacobs Black and Rose Gold Watch, £279, My-Wardrobe – Another rose gold watch from the king o’ watches. Like the chunky black strap too, all my watch straps get dead grubby from my filthy unwashed body so it might hide some muck.

3) Adidas Cambridge Black Strap Watch, £62, Watch Hut – Bit Fred Durst, maybe, but I feel quite positive about this sporty number. Bet it wouldn’t die underwater either.

4) Issey Miyake Chronograph Watch, now £179, ASOS – I can’t read watches without numbers so I don’t know who I’m kidding with this one.

5) Jazz Men’s Watch, $150, Tokyobay – The numbers on this one, on the other hand, are clear enough to read from space.

6) Sekonda Gent’s Bracelet Watch, £43, Watch Hut – This reminds me of my old head teacher, who used to get us in his office and read us a story while steadily working his way through a pack of B&H.

7) Michael Kors Stainless Steel and Tortoiseshell Chronograph, £240, Net-a-Porter – Wait sod Marc by Marc, Michael Kors is definitely king o’ watches. Every watch looks like a Kors watch doesn’t it? And who can blame them when a Kors watch is such a handsome thing?

8) Jeremy Scott x Swatch Double Vision Watch, $100, Opening Ceremony – Another watch which isn’t really designed for the all-important time-telling function, but man! It looks like X-ray specs! You’d probably get a migraine just glancing at it, but you’d look cool while you suffered and that’s always key.

Furcoat favourites: Slimer’s choice

Some call it chartreuse, some call it bogey green; I call it Slimer green. I love green in all its formats, but snotty shades and limey neons are definitely my favourite. So here’s a few things that fit the brief;

1) Roksanda Ilincic Olya Twisted Wool-Crepe Dress, now £253.75, The Outnet – Slinky and bogey green, it’s virtually designed for a pasty redhead. Like me. Or Christina Hendricks.

2) Rakel Angora-Blend Sweater, £180, Net-A-Porter – The one that started it all. SIGH. A big slouchy angora jumper in a perfect shade of chartreuse. OH!

3) Suede Block-Heel Shoes, ¢150, COS – You can always rely on COS to take a moderately manky colour and use it to create something smashing.

4) ACNE Kit Ribbed Angora-Blend Beanie, £95, Net-A-Porter – Another smasher from ACNE. There are few words to describe how much I would like to wear this. Red (hair) and green (hat) should never (always) be seen.

5) STRANGEBEAUTIFUL Lime 10 Super Chroma Nail Polish, £18, Liberty – These polishes are taking the beauty world by storm at the moment and boast a whole library of shades. Lime green FTW, of course.

6) Aila Spike Me Mini Bag, £240, My-Wardrobe – I first spotted this in Company magazine. Company magazine! It’s no wonder that thing looks so great at the moment when they’re featuring things like this.

7) Nixon Glo Green Watch, £65, ASOS – Anything glow in the dark gets a Slimer thumbs up.

8) Penny Original 22″ Green And Yellow Skateboard, £80, Urban Outfitters – The original vinyl skateboard, dating back to the seventies – presumably the rubbery grip helps you not to fall off.

[Slimer picture: Branded in the 80s]