Furcoat favourites: Oompa loompa stick it up your jumper


That rhymes when you come from Sheffield.

My classmates and I used to run around the playground doing that thing where you put one arm up the opposite jumper sleeve and move the other one up and down inside your jumper shouting ‘oompa loompa stick it up your jumper’ pretty regularly as kids. Do you know the move I mean? I tried to YouTube it but really I don’t know if it has a technical term. Still reduces me to tears of hysterical laughter to do that, I’m easily pleased.

I know we’re supposed to be having a sunny weekend, but I bought the Topshop number below this week and am pretty taken with it. As I am most jumpers, it appears. Definitely have a weakness for chunky, short, woolly knits.

1) Marks & Spencer Mosaic Jumper, £35 – this stopped me in my tracks on my daily lunchtime trawl of M&S. Excuse the cheesy model shot and enjoy that close up – it’s even nicer IRL! Like the perfect 70s children’s knitwear – isn’t navy and orange a winning combo?

2) Kenzo Window-Check Sweater, £420 – the perfect check for this season looks like a hastily-drawn, slightly wiggly, oversized noughts and crosses board. Note it’s chubby tendencies and shrunken length; this is what I look for in a jumper.

3) Topshop Tweedy Check Jumper, £42 – precisely 10 times cheaper than the Kenzo number and my new favourite thing. It’s dead woolly and that yellow is really chartreuse – or kinda lime green, as I like to call it.

4) Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Buffalo Plaid Sweater, now £94 – more gingham than chunky check, but you can’t write about knitwear without a nod to Queen Sonia and I love the mismatched sleeves on this Outnet bargain.

5) JW Anderson Braided Cable Knit Sweater, £525 – master of jumpers for Autumn/Winter, Mr Anderson’s knitwear is a bit fisherman, a bit Womad. I like any kind of oversized detail and the giant cable knit on this one just so happens to form a ╬ CROSS ╬ which always pleases me. I’m going to attempt to channel a bit of his catwalk look with that Topshop jumper up there and my new ASOS skirt. I’ll let you know how that works out.


Furcoat favourites: Yorkshire Day special

Be glad of these freshwater tears,

each pearled droplet some salty old sea-bullet

air-lifted out of the waves, then laundered and sieved, recast as a soft bead and returned.

And no matter how much it strafes or sheets, it is no mean feat to catch one raindrop clean in the mouth,

to take one drop on the tongue, tasting cloud-pollen, grain of the heavens, raw sky.

Let it teem, up here where the front of the mind distils the brunt of the world.

Rain, Simon Armitage [part of the Stanza Stones project, which you can read more about here]

August 1 marks Yorkshire day and while I may have retreated to London and become a southern softie I’m still a northerner at heart, despite all my friends telling me I don’t sound like it any more.

Despite how big it is and how many cool cities it covers, it was actually pretty hard to find designers who live and work in Yorkshire – still, here are some favourite finds and lemme know if I’ve missed any awesome Yorkshire brands.

1) Jerry Hall in Bruce Oldfield, priceless – Sheffield’s finest, after Peter Stringfellow

2) Lawrence & Foster Countryman Flat Cap, £38 – just add whippet.

3) Hype Blenheim Holdall, from £745 – lovingly hand-made luggage, carefully crafted oop in Pudsey.

4) Coggles Vintage Elvis Waistcoat, £185 – Coggles is to Yorkshire what Harrods is to Knightsbridge.  Founded in York in 1974, it stocks some fantastic labels and it now has a cracking array of vintage finds too.

5) Burberry Leather Bow Cloche, £395 – he might be an international design hero now, but Christopher Bailey will always be a Halifax boy. Second only to Christine as my favourite Halifaxonian.

6) Vui vs Slow Club Tramlines T-Shirt, £20 – Sheffield’s Tramlines festival might be over for this year, but this piece of merch still expresses how most of us from the city feel about Rotherham. Just kidding. Kind of.

7) Henderson’s Relish – flows through the veins of every good northerner. I love that on the online order form you have to buy it by the litre.

Furcoat favourites: Silver surfer

[Shampoo picture: Wash and Go-Go]

I’ve always been more a gold girl than silver; no matter how nice the jewellery, silver just makes me think of black leather thong pendants and curly Wiccan jewellery. Actually my gold obsession is pretty intense, even the metallic trims on jackets and bags need to be gold for me to fully appreciate them – which is nigh on possible most of the time, and one of the reasons why Versace is so amazing.

One silver thing I’ll always have a soft spot for is leather – silver leather says Shampoo, Spice Girls, Kenickie and a million other 90s girl band style-influencers. With Autumn/Winter 2012’s space-age, sci-fi, silver surferish futuristic trend, there’s no shortage of high-shine leather around – and a few other silvery bits that are making me rethink my metallic choices.

1) Stylestalker Heavy Metal Jacket, $204 – Virtually transforms you into Carrie or Jacqui as soon as you slip it on.

2) ASOS Major Tassel Loafer, now £18 – A non-spaceman way of doing silver.

3) Acne Free Metal Boots, £460 – A stylish spaceman way of doing silver. Equal parts Bowie.

4) Jermey Scott Silver Smile Sunglasses, £158 – Pretty sure Carrie and Jacqui would like these.

5) Topshop Neoprene Silver Backpack, £28 – Fill with powdered space food, furled-up flag and a good book.

6) Marc Jacobs Silk-Duchess Dress, now £279 – What Courtney Love would wear for a gig on the moon.

7) Maria Francesca Pepe Two Finger Ring, £60 – If anyone is going to sway me towards silver jewellery, it’s MFP.

There is a risk that with such an array of silver gear, you could end up looking like another metallic-obsessed being from the 90s;

Ah, Jas Mann. If you want more of the intergalactic space hopper (his words, not mine), I happened across another Smash Hits biscuit tin interview. It’s amazing. He really does like silver, huh? Here!


Furcoat Favourites: Anyone for beer pong?

[Clockwise from top left – Virgin SportThe Painted Woman1920s FashionsChina DailyVogue]

I can’t pretend to have any interest in tennis, but it is apparently that time of year again and well, as sports go it is certainly one of the more stylish options. Beer pong is more my game – all the skill of (table) tennis, with the potential thrill of an added boozy treat with every shot.

I don’t think I could get away with wearing head-to-toe tennis whites for beer pong, but there is something particularly elegant about the gear involved in the real game – particularly when worn to drink Pimms and stand on the side lines rather than ruin the look by running around getting all sweaty.

Here are my favourite sort-of-tennis things;

1) Boutique by Jaeger Sailor Dress – was £166, now £99 – if you’re one of the lucky few that can wear a drop-waist, this could be your new perfect summer dress. I know that a sailor outfit isn’t a tennis outfit necessarily, but it’s the same kind of vibe, right? It’s white, right?

2) Christopher Shannon x Cambridge Satchel Company – not on sale just yet, but Cambridge Satchel Company’s latest foray into fashion collaborations is a bit of a smasher.

3) Lacoste Live Teddy Jacket – was £149, now £89 – even I know that Lacoste = tennis. This baseball jacket feels a bit more relevant than the classic blouson shape and I love the enormo-croc tag.

4) MiuMiu Glitter High Tops, £440 – if you were skillful, you could make the sunlight bounce off the gems on these and dazzle your opponent right in the eye. Is there a rule against that?

5) J Crew Corgi Pattern Socks, £23.76 – tennis is a pretty preppy sport as it is, so you might as well go all out and wear some silky posh paisley socks as well, especially in such a pleasing colourway.

6) Fred Perry Cream Cable Knit Jumper – was £60, now £30 – as far as I understand it, you need to drape this around your shoulders and tie the arms loosely around the collar bone. It’s what Fred would have wanted.

7) Chanel Ball Caddy – pretty sure you can’t write about sport without mentioning a related Chanel sports item, so here it is.

Furcoat favourites: camo comeback

I don’t know, I mean I think you have to careful with camouflage but I can’t help but have a really strong positive feeling towards it at the moment. This despite that year in the 90s when my brother and I were obsessed with the Manic Street Preachers I wore loads of camo – army and navy stores were everything and we both stomped around in tight black combat pants and oversized army shirts, me probably with the feather boa that was required of all MSP fans. I didn’t imagine it would be a trend I’d revisit – if you can call it a trend – but here we are, and I guess that’s what we said about creepers/neon/Meatloaf silk shirts.

I blame Jenna Lyons, who wore army trousers on the red carpet (above) and made it look amazing. That and the perennial Moss obsession.

Here are my favourite camo and camo-ish things at the moment.

1) Topshop Camy Army Jacket, £48 – this is currently on the way to me in the post, as a sad, pathetic alternative to…

2) APC Camouflage Parka,¢310 – aka, the coat of dreams. This is what I really want, and what started the camo obsession, but it’s way too expensive. It’s in the Coggles sale at the moment for £203, but that still feels like too much for something I’d have bought for £4 at that army shop on Abbeydale Road. Even though I know it’s going to be perfect. And will probably help me get a promotion and buy a house.

3) McQ by Alexander McQueen Cotton Blend Jacket, £220.50 – McQ is always good for military-ish bits and this jacket is probably much more grown-up than all the camo stuff I’m obsessing over. Khaki really does go with everything, doesn’t it?

4) Carhartt Army Cap, £25 – skate brands are always good for camo too, as demonstrated with this smashing Carhartt cap. I really, really think this could work with so many looks – although obviously not with anything else camo, ever. Can you even imagine?

5) Alexander McQueen Skull Charm Leather Wrap Bracelet, £125 – OK so it’s khaki, not camo – but there’s still a nice military vibe to this. What do you expect me to wear, dog-tags?* *I totally had MSP dog-tags 😦

6) See by Chloe Camouflage Pouch, £19.99 – I don’t see any reason for keeping your makeup in a grotty old bag, especially when it could be nestled in such a snazzy sales buy from See by Chloe. Like those girls that buy a Chanel lipstick and ask for it be wrapped in a big Chanel bag, buy a little Chloe makeup pouch in the Net-a-Porter sale and bask in the glory of your enormous Net-a-Porter delivery package. It’s like sending flowers to yourself, Clueless style.

7) Alexander Wange Brenda Leather Shoulder Bag, £335 – Wang is another one who you can always rely on to do something a bit military and the olive green shade, multiple pockets and chunky zips on this bag have a pleasingly practical feel.

8) Ray-Ban Aviator Glasses, £90 – pretty sure you can’t write any kind of remotely military-inspired piece without including these. And they’re currently on offer on Cocosa, with over 30% off. Holler if you need an invite.

[Pictures, clockwise from top left: Stockholm Street Style; Style Envy; J Rebecca Style; Virtual Neko; Violent Chef]

Furcoat favourites: good things from Goodhood

Goodhood is one of my favourite shops in London – it stocks lots of my favourite labels and perfectly captures my preferred aesthetic of ‘unable to quite shake off teenage skateboard style’. Here are some of the nicest things in store at the moment. I’ll take ’em all.

1) Antipodium Serial Mom Cardigan, £118

2) Goodhood x R Newbold College Tee, £75

3) Perks & Mini Skirt,  £149

4) YMC Travel Bag, £98

5) Spring Court Jaguar Trainers, £176

6) Wigwam Cypress Socks, £12

7) Sabrina Dehoff Unification Bracelet, £107

8) Super Lucia Sunglasses, £112

Furcoat Favourites: Pink stinks

Nah it doesn’t!

In the wise words of Emma Bunton, “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of wearing pink.” What can I say, it’s the most flattering colour on me and there’s nothing I like more than redheads in pink – see; Emma Stone, Christina Hendricks, Karen Elson, Twin.

1) I’ve been looking for a pink cropped jacket for a long old time and this River Island Pearl Collar Jacket, £50 might be my lucky chosen one. So glam-nana, it looks almost perfect.

2) This Acne Angora Crew Knit, £170 might be a particularly Barbie shade, but the slouchy grungy shape somehow makes it less Pony Club.

3) Really into the sugary pastel shade of these Stella McCartney Sunglasses, £151 – also in black, grey and brown.

4) Jaeger’s Diamond Jubilee collection features some fantastic mega-zoomed diamond graphics, but I like the cluster of stones on this Small Diamond Print Scarf, £40 – hands down the most tasteful interpretation of the jubilee that I’ve seen yet.

5) Scale this Moschino Cheap & Chic Lady Love Bag, £330 down a few notches and can’t you see Barbie herself strutting around with it? Probs full of phone numbers, boxes of Vogue fags and old train tickets.

6) Still not through with COOL ROCKS and this Vamoose Leather and Amethyst Bracelet, £26 is particularly appealing.

7) The delightful Topshop Jancey Mid Heel Ballerinas, £42 could be my new favourite work shoes – if only for the fact that they have gold hardware rather than silver.

Furcoat Favourites: Ridiculous birthday wishlist

It’s my birthday tomorrow, so here are the things I’m hoping to unwrap when I wake up. Well, maybe if I wake up in a parallel universe.

1) I think I’m long overdue a Judith Leiber handbag, and while a poodle, polar bear or slice of cake might be appealing, this Studded Sphere, $3,195 is perhaps a more classic look.

2) Maria Francesca Pepe is my favourite, and this gunmetal Safety Pin Earring, £65 would be a welcome addition to my collection.

3) Christopher Kane’s Resort collection is the stuff of dreams, and this Neon Wool-Blend Crepe Biker Jacket, £1,100 is one of my favourite pieces. Mmm, pink crepe.

4) Ostentatious jewellery is a fine gift for any gal – especially when it’s also a bit creepy. These Bibi van der Velden Quartz Earrings, £2,790 are like the fanciest door-knockers you ever did see.

5) The Jil Sander Veiled Beanie, £290, might be last season’s most statement accessory, but I reckon I could force myself to wear it year-round, every year.

6) I saw a picture of Alexa Chung in the Yves Saint Laurent Ingénue Suede and Metal Slingbacks, £735 this week and it was love at first sight. Black and gold is always going to be a winning combo and providing you didn’t fall over drunk and scuff the shiny bits, these would be a proper timeless purchase.

7) Designer trainers are a favourite fantasy-land daydream for me, so no surprise that the Mulberry Tiger Sneakers, £450 have won my heart. Tiger is fast becoming the new leopard for me, it appears.

Furcoat favourites: Ugly shoe shuffle

Flatforms and platforms and woodgrain sandals, oh my! There’s never been a better time to be an ugly-shoe-lover, has there? Shuffling around in orthopedic shoes that your mum doesn’t understand is officially OK this summer, so those of us with a penchant for a chunky heel and wooden detail are in luck. These are my faves, all of which are guaranteed to make your legs 20% shorter and confuse your colleagues 20% more.

1) Simone Rocha Cindy Rella, £734, Farfetch – jelly shoes mate with brogues for a Frankenstein’s monster of a sandal, complete with visible stitching.

2) ASOS Hide & Seek Leather Platform Sandals, £85, ASOS – glitter and stick-on flowers = teenage dream shoe

3) Topshop Wynna Wedges, £55, Topshop – yet more glitter – and they said you couldn’t polish a turd. I jest, of course, these shoes are fucking beauts.

4) Givenchy Eyelet Sandals, £459.25, the Outnet – if it’s Givenchy, it can’t be ugly. I don’t even know if these fit in the category of ugly sh0e, but I do know that if I wore them that guy at work who takes issue with everything I wear would say something about them, so by that measure, they’re in.

5) ASOS Hepburn Sandals, £95, ASOS – the most acceptable face of the ugly shoes, these ASOS platforms are gonna be my summer shoe of choice. I know some people take issue with a woodgrain heel but I love it – these shoes, me, a margarita, the Mandalay Bay beach… Vegas won’t know what’s hit it this summer and these shoes are gonna be a key part of it.