The clock in the sky is pounding away

As promised, here are some pictures of the turban. While I was at it, I also thought I’d publicly humiliate myself with pictures of a few other items of headgear I’ve been sporting lately. Please excuse the roots.

My turban is from Purely Wigs, who are, obviously, primarily a wig company. I got it as a press gift through work, and although I can’t see the turban online at the moment, you should call them if you’re interested – they’re very nice, and I know that the turbans are available. I think there’s another colour choice, and what with them being a wig company, you can also get one with a fringe! Actually, the fringe attachment serves a purpose – the turban is designed primarily for those who’ve lost their hair through medical treatment, or who have a thinning hairline. Clever, huh?

I picked this daisy headband up in Primark for the princely sum of £1. It reminds me of being 11/Drew Barrymore/Miss Selfridge/all the good things growing up in the 90s promised.

I went there. I don’t own a car anymore, but if I did, this would obviously be what I wore as I pootled around. I picked this headscarf up in Beyond retro for a couple of quid at the weekend, and got Twin a matching one. I don’t know if the photo shows it. but it is a proper hood – not just a scarf knotted around. The perimeter is padded so it sticks out around your head, and it even kinda sits on your head without being tied. I anticipate it will come in very handy for protecting my repertoire of updos on the way to work this spring.

Not new, but unposted I believe. This Dorothy Perkins hat has become a firm staple in my wardrobe since it got its first airing – in this picture, actually. I’m away with work in this flattering picture, and suddenly realised that Wagner was on X Factor. What a treat! I’ve just checked, and depressingly the hat is now a mere £5 in the sale. I find it hard to imagine a time before this hat, so I can confirm its wearability. In fact, I might buy another, for future use.

Is it ok to wear viking horns?

Love this image that was just on Palpable Obscure. Forget House of Harlow, that’s the kind of head accessory I’m interested in. Big freakin crystal ball stuck in the middle of a horned crown? Yep yep yep. Kinda reminds me of this crown I found on Etsy:

I mean… would any of you ever speak to me again if I bought that? I know it’s like something you’d make in metalwork at college, but yet I think I’d feel pretty fucking cool with that on my head.

Little Fille rope headbands

Love these rope hairbands from Little Fille. Just the right combination of tough and tasteful and such beautiful shades. Elegant as they are, not sure I can justify dropping £40 after my recent eBay spaffing. I reckon a trip to John Lewis when I’m back in Sheffield is in order. Quick trip around haberdashery, pick up a few curtain tie-backs… job’s done? Somehow I don’t think it’s going to be that easy, even if I do have a Brownie badge in knot-tying.