Henry & Glenn Forever = best comic ever

OMG, just spotted this Henry Rollins/Glenn Danzing fanfic-disguised-as-a-comic on the Urban Outfitters blog. I know Papa Hank is an open minded fella but I’d still love to know how he feels about this. Henry & Glenn Forever is the brainchild of Tom Neely and features our boys as ‘roomies’ who live next door to Hall & Oates… I just… I mean… how could this be any better? Released by Cantankerous Titles, it’s billed as featuring ‘ultra-metal violence and cryfest diary entries, cringing self-doubt and mega-hilarious emo-meltdowns.”

Henry is quoted on the back cover as saying, “Has Glenn seen this? Trust me, he would not be impressed…” which saddens me somewhat but considering I’m a staunch supporter of WWHRD too;

…I think he’d let me off for enjoying it. Buy it here for a mere $4.

PS Is it just me or does Glenn look like Alice Cooper?

PPS Fellow Henners devotees should direct themselves to Hello Henry, a site I have shamefully only just discovered. Full of fantastic Henry nuggets and lols!