Favourite new rings from H&M

Two new rings from H&M, one old from one ASOS. As you’ll see, I used the camera effect which gives my skin the corpse effect – it brings out the lilac nail polish.


H&M launches Waste collection

I was interested to read today about H&M’s upcoming Waste collection (above). In a nutshell, they’re using leftover fabric from the recent Lanvin collaboration to create a capsule range. It won’t be designed by (or have anything to do with) Alber Elbaz.

The first thing that springs to mind is the scandal which faced H&M last year, when bags full of their unsold clothes were dumped outside a store in New York.

Clearly the Waste collection is a much more preferable use for wastage (doy), although with companies like Urban Outfitters already recycling their lines through the Urban Renewal scheme, it’s perhaps not such a new idea.

It’s interesting that this scheme is only coming in to play now with the Lanvin leftovers. A cynic might question why they’re really interested in using up fabric from one of their most successful collaborations – eking sales out that little bit longer? Or good luck to them, if they’ve got it lying around and there’s demand for it, kudos for getting on with it and being totally upfront about it.

Cabbage is a term used in the fashion industry for leftover fabric. If you don’t cut your pattern properly, or plan before you lay it out, you get left with loads of cabbage. If you’ve spent months on a distinctive print which is instantly recognisable, you can’t very well just leave lying in a bin in the factory – it’s a waste of money, and it’s also used for creating those really top-end knock-offs. This is a clever way to deal with it.

Ultimately, I’m all for anything that reduces waste and promotes sustainability. Fast fashion high street chains are some of the worst culprits in terms of responsibility for the planet, so anything like this is a step in the right direction – I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with Waste next.

Fingers crossed for that beige and maroon skeleton print they did c. 2004.

Swedish Hasbeens x H&M

The news that H&M has signed up Swedish Hasbeens for their latest collaboration is music to my sweet, sweet, Sweden-loving ears. Despite spaffing all over Hasbeens for the best part of last year, I never ended up buying any. No idea why – money, probably? The fact that I already dress a bit like an RE teacher and couldn’t handle the abuse? Who knows. This time, however, I will not let them slip away from my clammy grasp.

Sure, the basic red and white strappy clogs are nice, but I’ve got my disgusting beady eye on the snakeskin lace-ups. I’m salivating just looking at them, even though I can’t visualise anything I’d wear them with.

Speaking of digusting snakeskin, talk me out of buying either/both of these Topshop sandals.

You can’t, can you?