D. Porthault introduces the ultimate twenties towel. Scream!

It’s frivolous, it’s stupidly expensive and it features a 1920s design; it goes without saying that I am a bit in love with this Vogue x D. Porthault towel. Created to celebrate the magazine’s 120th anniversary, this obscenely fancy towel features a classic illustration by Eduardo Garcia Benito dating from 1926. In the wise words of Wallis Simpson, “If you can afford it, then there is no pleasure in buying it.”

Ah the glory days of Vogue! Imagine how magic it would be if any of the editions had the balls to stick an illustration on the cover now, it’d make my fucking day. Here are some more of Benito’s glorious twenties’ covers for the magazine…

Speaking of expensive towels, I still want the ones from the Beverly Hills Hotel which are a relatively reasonable (in comparison) $75 each. I’ll take a pink and a green.