Maison Michel-a-like bunny ears at… Hot Topic

Once upon a time, admitting to shopping at Hot Topic was basically the biggest sin you could commit amongst my punker than thou friends. If you bought your NOFX t-shirt there rather than Interpunk you were basically a soulless sell-out who didn’t care about music or the spirit of punk rock. A couple of things seem to have changed. First up, Hot Topic has a picture of Justin Bieber on the front page, which I don’t really get. Granted my knowledge of Bieber is small, but I thought he was a simpering boy band type? Has Hot Topic given up the punk game or is Bieber more hardcore than I thought? Anyway, on top of that I have also grown a pair so don’t really give a shit about shopping at Hot Topic if they have something decent that I want. Pretty sure it doesn’t matter where you get your kicks. [See also: Dorothy Perkins, Matalan, Yeomans]

That said, the reason for all this was to say that Gala got these Maison Michel-a-like bunny ears from HT and I like ’em. They seem to look better in the flesh (well, photograph of a real person) as Gala demonstrates here. Buy a pair for the princely sum of $12 here. You can have them delivered in plain packaging if it makes you feel better.