Happy Anniversary A.P.C.

Happy Anniversary, A.P.C.!

The French brand turns 25 this year – just like me, eh, lol – and to celebrate they’ve released a limited edition hoodie emblazoned with the year of their birth. According to Hypebeast, there will be various re-releases throughout the year to celebrate the milestone birthday, including everybody’s favourite collaborators – Nike.

I guess I just really like plain grey sweaters with simple graphic prints – but here are some other favourite finds.

[Pictures: Hypebeast and APC]

Furcoat favourites: week one

A bunch of my favourite blogs do weekly round-ups of new products that they love, so in a bid to give this site a bit structure and in a blatant copy of content produced by my pals, here are some things I like this week.

1. Love the snot-green shade of the Whistles Sophie Bramble Stitch Sweater, £55 (was £95) – the slouchy shape and waffle fabric are perfect too.

2. I saw a few campaign pictures featuring Topshop’s Clueless Lipstick, £7 and have been hunting it down ever since. Duh, it’s only just available. Perfect pink.

3. These Sea NY Dog-Print Shorts, £205 feature PUGS. You can also buy a shirt with the same print, which is probably a more realistic option.

4. I pinned these dreamy Carven Linen and Patent-Leather Slingbacks, £340 a while ago and it looks like they’ve finally made it to the UK. I just really like pink, evidently.

5. Dead into the House of Holland cruise collection and this Bones Silk Blouse, £130 (was £195) is now included in the Urban Outfitters sale which makes it a tiny bit more realistic to buy. You should also be able to get free shipping with the code UOVIP!

6. If you happen to be in NYC, my favourite beauty suppliers, Ricky’s, is now selling these really cute No-Crease Bow Clips, $5.99. They were used everywhere at fashion week for clipping hair off the face without leaving indents – they are designed for use backstage or for session styling, but they’re so nice I’d just wear them anyway.

7. I bought the rose-gold version of this skirt from Topshop before Christmas and the Metallic Blue Pleated Skirt, £90 is a nice summer update. It kinda reminds me of Wonder Woman too, which can only ever be a good thing.

8. Selfridges is celebrating two years of glorious online shopping this month, and to celebrate they’ve teamed up with Diptyque to release this Exclusive Mimosa Candle, £40 in their trademark sunshine yellow.

A New York Shopping List

I am – excitingly – heading back to New York this week and although it’s a business trip (with special visa and everything), I’m still hoping there wil be some time to burn a bit of my paycheck. Who am I kidding, I have carefully planned every spare second to enable me to shop as much as I can and fritter away every penny of my weekend working bonus.

Here’s what on the list:

Opening Ceremony x Glamour Cat Sweater

OPI x Sephora Trend Tips

As many Heath bars as I can carry

As much Kraft Mac and Cheese as I can carry

Marc Jacobs lol-shirts

The most ostentatious phone case I can find

A DL & Co Gold Skull Snuffer (so I can be like my secret hero)

A sandwich and a pint at Bierkraft

Happy Socks from the hotel mini-bar. Yes, the Standard has Happy Socks in its mini-bar – it’s that kind of place.

Madewell Rosebud Skirt

In God We Trust Flask

Any requests? I reckon I still have room in my suitcase.

Versace by way of River Island

My ongoing search for a wedding-appropriate outfit took me to Westfield this weekend, which was quite good fun. I generally give Westfield a thumbs up – I’m not a great fan of shopping malls, but Westfield does what it’s supposed to do very well. Going on a Saturday afternoon was never going to be a calm, serene shopping experience but it had more interesting shops than I expected – COS, Prada, Urban Outfitters, Jaeger, John Lewis – and an incredible array of places to eat. It actually felt like there were more food places than shops, it was a world away from ~The Oasis~ at Meadowhall, home of so many teenage adventures.

Anyway – I didn’t find anything very exciting to wear, but I did get a remarkable River Island belt which owes quite a lot to 80s Versace. Always a good thing, right? It’s thin black velvet, bedazzled with gold, crystal-embellished leopard heads. It’s hideous, quite frankly, but just the thing to cheer me up after a disheartening afternoon’s shopping.

I can’t find it online, but it was £20 and there were loads in-store!

I finally get Elizabeth Olsen

I like an Olsen as much as the next girl, but hadn’t been entirely convinced by Elizabeth’s style credentials until this week. I mean sure she’s pretty, she’s talented, she’s presentable… but where’s the bananas gene? The mad nana aspect? So far, so pleasant.

A delight, then, to see her in this Topshop Tiger Sweater at Sundance this week. A rococo masterpiece, all black and gold, chains and tiger print. I particularly like the tigers standing proudly by a pile of foliage, which kind of resembles the dismembered corpse of a dinosaur. Or is that just me?

On the subject of tigers;

Awesome tiger-themed letter [click to enlarge, of course].

Dream Versace shoes that still haunt on my mind.

And another Versace tiger offering – a dress dating back (is that weird to say?) to 1994. Gianni at his finest.

Masterclass in dressing: Marni Edition Winter 2012

I know everyone has seen these new Marni looks already, but I do love them dearly so here they are again. Inspirations include golf, rockabilly and deco shapes, and I am a card-carrying member of the Marni fanclub, so really it’s a no brainer for me.

Classic silhouettes are given a slightly bananas/art teacher twist with juxtaposed fur, plastic, neon and – obv – lots of neoprene and print. Click on the pictures to really gorge yourself in the hi-res details: that resin bow! The tiny tasteful star between the round beads! The tassels on the zips!

I’ve talked before about my fear of the art teacher look – it’s such a perilously fine line between Marni quirk and batshit crazy person on the bus with a problem. I know some people look at Marni layering and automatically freak out, but to me the above is a masterclass in how to do it, and do it well. Look #1 and #3 are just works of art to me.

Dreamy, the lot of it.

90% off at My Wardobe…

… Well, kind of.

There’s up to 70% off in the final sale clearance at My Wardobe now, and I have an extra 20% code off so… that’s basically 90% off, right?

Still not enough to make this Alexander McQueen Shearling Cape within my budget, but there’s tonnes of stuff for less than £100 and that’s before my sneaky extra discount.

Sale ends midnight on Monday – type in SALEEXTRA20 at the checkout for your extra discount.

Still obsessing over plaid skirt suits

It probably shouldn’t, but this 1967 Seagram advert warning about the dangers of drinking and driving got me thinking about my continued search for a Clueless-style checked skirt suit.

The risk is you look like an overgrown schoolgirl, the payoff is you look awesome.

ASOS Premium Collarless Textured Jacket and Skirt, £90 all in

Vintage Tartan Suit, $48

Pendleton Plaid Wool Skirt Suit, £65

Any size check, small or big… any length skirt, jacket… any colour… Just still can’t find one that totally does it for me.

Story of a trend: I love my sheep jumper

I posted this on Facebook just before Christmas, but in case anyone had the misfortune to miss it…

Here’s me as a dazzling blonde in my favourite sheep jumper at some point in the 80s.

Princess Diana wore something very similar in 1983, but I don’t think my mam knitted mine in homage – she’s not a royalist by any stretch of the imagination. I imagine Woman was stuffed full of Di-inspired knitting patterns at the time though, so perhaps that’s where she found it. I was obsessed with sheep at this stage in my life so it was a very thoughtful gift.

Finally, here’s the See by Chloe sheep jumper which everyone went bananas for last Christmas.

Funny how things turn out, I’d kil for my sheepy sweater now.

Whistles Alex Denim Dress and the many, many ways I’ve worn it

Earlier this summer I bought the Whistles Alex Denim Skater Dress, and it’s fast become one of the most worn items in my wardrobe. Its lack of collar makes it perfect for layering and it’s exactly the right neutral shade of denim to go with just about everything. The one I bought is also a little big which, again, makes it great for layering – especially with jumpers come winter. I didn’t realise Pippa Middleton had it until I Googled for a picture just now, but haters gonna hate, whatevs – it’s just a supremely wearable denim dress that is going to work perfectly next summer as well as seeing me through this winter.

Since I bought it, here are some of the items I have worn underneath it and around it. This was going to be an outfit post but it’s just too dark all the time so… soz. This also serves as a revolting reminder of the amount of shit I’ve purchased recently although there is a bit of artistic Polyvore licence at work in some outfits…





Diverse eh? I can do everything from demure to predictable-goth with this bad boy. The good news is that the Alex is now £60 on Whistles but they only have a couple of sizes. It’s available in a wider array but for money at ASOS and John Lewis.