Peachy pastel heaven at Cavalli

Glad to see fuzzy, uber-faux fur is still going strong at Cavalli – where else? Plus pastel hues make me swoon.

[Nylon hair; ASOS tail]

Spring/Summer 2012: Jenni Kayne

At some point in the not too distant future, Twin will be abandoning us for a new life in the Sunshine State.

When I saw the Jenni Kayne Spring 2012 collection today it seemed like the kind of stuff I envision Twin wearing once she’s set up and working in LA. Preppy, pink, twin-sets… It even matches her bike. You can’t really argue with this neat, breezy style – “Country-club chic combined with urban athleticism,” is how Jenni described the collection – how I long to be so well-presented.

Getting the visa may be a struggle, but at least I’ve got your working wardrobe sorted, eh?

Favourite finds in the My-Wardrobe sale

my-wardrobe sale = badass
The My-Wardrobe sale is entering its final days, which means that you can now get an extra 20% off everything in the sale if you use the code MW20 at the checkout.
This means the tasteful outfit above featuring morsels from Sonia Rykiel, Acne, Alice Temperley, D&G and Camilla Skovgaard can be yours for a mere £643, rather a frankly obscene £1,426.
If you’d like to buy me any or all of the above, just click on the picture.

Minds creak and grind

New Tessa dress from the Whistles sale. I hummed and harred, then Bethany convinced me.

I originally wanted it in orange after seeing Elle’s Susie Wong wearing it, but there were no orange ones left and, upon reflection, I have bought quite a lot of orange things lately so maybe purple is for the best. Also, the gold exposed zip on the back shows up better on orange so I guess everyone’s a winner.

It’s the perfect semi-smart work number, although I ended up getting a bit toasty hot on the train platform today as that waffly jersey is deceptively thick. Also looking forward to wearing it with tights every single day in winter.



Obsessed with Christopher Kane’s rainbow resort collection

What is their to say about Christopher Kane’s resort collection that hasn’t been said already? It’s shit? That probably the only thing anyone hasn’t said, and, well… it’s an untruth.

I would wear every ounce of this collection, from the pink lamé ballgown to the Slimer shoes and that trademark Kane lace. It’s a triumph and a glory and all sorts of other hyperbolic adjectives.


Obsessed with Ksubi Bellatrix sunglasses

If you want to look more like Abbey Lee Kershaw – and let’s face it, who doesn’t? – you’ll be pleased to note that her Ksubi Bellatrix sunglasses are now available to purchase. I love a round spectacle, but some of them remind me too much of the rainbow mirrored lens ‘John Lennon’ glasses that I begged my my mum for as a a teenager. Worn my velvet bucket hat, cord waistcoat and floral maxi skirt, it’s safe to saw I looked pretty awful.

These glasses are chunky enough and dark enough to bypass that look entirely, and if you’res still not convinced the Carina model (above) is a chunky glittery plastic cat eye shape and no-one can argue with that.

See Eye Respect for more of Ksubi’s eyewear collection!

Style icons: Sally Draper

Forget Joan, Betty and Peggy – and even Rachel – I think it’s safe to say that Sally Draper was the best female character in Mad Men. She might have to deal with a bitch of a mom, a creep of a boyfriend and an absentee father but she (pretty much) always had a happy smile and an awesome comeback to Betty’s bad attitude  – e.g. “He left because you’re stupid and mean.”

The actress that plays Sally, Kiernan Shipka, doesn’t seem to have been too traumatised by her time on the show as this feature on the Covetuer shows. She may be 12-years-old, but her walk-in wardrobe of prom dresses and big hair accessories has universal appeal – well, amongst a certain sector of society that I include myself in, anyway.

Kiernan also wins points for her anal approach to wardrobe organisation – which actually suggests that perhaps Betty got to her slightly: “I organize things by clothing type and by season… I hate a messy closet. I totally freak out when my closet is messy and I can’t find anything. I like it to be as organised as can be.”

See the rest of the feature and loads more pictures at the Coveteur!