Jean-Charles de Castelbajac does Bambi shoes

Despite not really being a shoe person, there are a couple of footwear items rattling around in my head today. First up these Bambi shoes from Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, as snapped by the NY Times. I sort of resent the concept of quirky for the sake of quirky, but JCD had lots of Bambi references in the show (with more horns than Topshop Unique could shake a stick at) and there’s something intrinsically appealing about these anyway. They’d match the lamp too!

Charleen said to me this morning, ‘here are some shoes you’ll like’. She was correct! Christian Louboutin Meree, from the ‘very high’ category. Depressing or good that with these 16.5″ heels on I’d not still not reach the dizzying heights 6′? Hmm. Anyway, obviously the appeal here is the dreamy colour combo, which lends as much to the test card clown as it does Marni.