Hawaii by way of Brick Lane with Gogo Philip

Gogo Philip palm tree earrings

Totally tropical.

Gogo Philip palm tree earrings

Relatively tasteful.

It goes without saying, probably, that my favourite things at the Gogo Philip blogger party were amongst the most ostentatious.

Still, at least I have two ways to wear palm tree earrings now – all-out totally tropical with the giant door-knocker version and my Vans snapback or relatively tasteful with the simple drop style and my wear-daily dream red lipstick, Topshop’s Rio Rio.

Isn’t it funny how you get something new and then wonder how you ever lived without it? Much as I love my door-knockers the other earrings have, over the course of two days, become my summer essential – a little bit of Hawaiian tropic in sunny south east London. They’re ~fun but not too kooks – perfect summer earrings really.

Did you know that Gogo Philip now has a standalone store on Brick Lane? Much as I enjoy a rummage through their concession in Topshop, it’s lovely to see them grow into a big old space of their own. It’s just by Beyond Retro at 68 Cheshire Street.

More from Maria Francesca Pepe

When I like a brand I do have a bit of a habit of becoming ferociously loyal to them – see the Antipodium dress hunt as a case in  point. I have a tendency to be a bit obsessive about most things I like actually; that whole 1920s thing, you know? The fact I cannot rest until I have read every Persephone book in publication? Mainlining Mitford everything until I become a genuine Mastermind champion?

Maria Francesca Pepe is fast becoming a target on my hit-list. It’s a rare day that I don’t wear some MFP jewellery and because it’s so wonderful and eye-catching you inevitably end up with people asking you where it’s from which means I also spend a lot of time typing her name/website into people’s phones.

After attending the press preview of her new range recently I ended up putting in another order and it arrived this week – with one piece in particular attracting a lot of attention… See that safety pin R? Yeah, everyone in my office was pretty taken with that. “I like your… what is that? Is it a nappy pin?” Who knew that everyone knew what a nappy pin was in this day and age? As a side note, I did actually wear a nappy pin as an accessory in my youth – punk for life, you know?

Anyway, the letter safety pin is my new favourite thing and I also got the safety pin earring because, again, punk for life and that. And also Iso got it and I was jealous.

Unfortunately my order got a little bit lost in the post, so MFP also kindly sent me this R sleeper to soften the blow. And soften the blow it did, because there’s nothing I like more than initial jewellery.

The Complete Book of Dreams, incidentally, is a tome that spends a great deal of time open on my desk at work. The day can’t commence really until I’ve done some analysis of last night’s brain activity – and I wish I was joking, but I’m not. See, obsessive.

Snaky magic ears from A Peace Treaty

I’ve been looking for interesting ear things lately – quite a strange request, I guess, but there we have it. Earrings are so 2011.

Other than Maria Francesca Pepe’s ear cuffs – and a Topshop cuff I bought that didn’t have a gap in it for your ear – I haven’t invested in anything yet… but this Peace Treaty wormy snaky device might change that.

Inspired by indigenous tribes, the designs in the Solwara range “evoke a refashioning of relics from old myths, lost cities and legendary civilizations such as the Aztecs, Mayans, and the tribes of the Amazon and Papua New Guinea.” Ooooh mystical!

Old snaky here is hand-crafted from antiqued gold-plated brass and allegedly adjusts to fit around the ear. Will my strange-shaped ears be included in that brief? We shall see.

You can see this design and lots more on the Peace Treaty website, where you could also maybe buy it for me.

My favourites from the Earring Boutique Spring/Summer 2012 collection

My love of the Earring Boutique is well documented – interesting designs, reasonable prices and trend-led collections… There’s always something I want and you never see anyone else with their bits, which is definitely meant as a compliment not bad marketing on their behalf!

I’ve had their Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook sitting around for a while, but it’s only now that the sun is actually shining that I’ve got round to posting them. Designer Ashley Wells has created four stories for this season inspired by some decidedly glamorous-sounding themes – Antibes, Zanzibar, Belle Epoque and Lumiere. Contrasting metals are key for this season abd there’s also an emphasis on Swarovski Elements which are set in most of the pieces.

The two nautical designs above are my stand-out pieces. I’m a sucker for an anchor motif and these earrings and bracelet from the Antibes collection are a more sophisticated take on the nautical trend than the usual red and blue plastic designs that anchors often seem to attract. They’re just calling for a Breton top and glass of Champagne on a yacht, amirite?


Motörhead x The Great Frog ring collection

In a match seemingly made in heaven, Motörhead has teamed up with London’s favourite metal (as in, METAAAAL) jewellers, The Great Frog, to create two limited edition silver rings.

Long a favourite of London’s ~alternative scene, The Great Frog is famous for its hulking great silver rings featuring classic rock insignia – skulls, snakes and slaughtered hearts, that kind of thing. Motörhead are long-time friends of the store, and really, is there anyone cooler to collaborate with?

There are two sterling silver rings, one featuring the classic Motörhead warpig logo and the other – what else? – an Ace of Spades. Each is numbered, with the first five going to the band and their management. The rest are available for you to buy (for me) here, starting at a very reasonable £180.

Mawi for less money

I’ve been a member of designer sale site Cocosa pretty much since the day it launched. I like designer clothes, but I don’t like spending money; it’s a no brainer. So far I’ve bought three things, the most recent of which you can see above…

First up I got a ludicrous jewel encrusted Christian Lacroix bow brooch, which is so big I don’t really know what to do with it. My second buy was a Nougat dress for my friends’ wedding last month.

Earlier this week I invested in the Mawi necklace above, for a third of it’s original price. It’s huge, heavy and very shiny. Walking around the office today (it arrived first thing, hence the decorative subbing backdrop), I jingled and jangled like a one man band. The pendants include a chunky pony medallion and a skull – what better combination?

I’m a huge fan of sale sites, particularly Cocosa which gives you previews of what’s coming next and even allows you to add sale dates to your Outlook! Perhaps the only good thing about using Outlook?? Sample sales can be so hit and miss, and are usually held at particularly inconvenient times/locations. After the Outnet debacle – and the fact they usually only have sample sizes – I have to say this kind of mailing-list/only sale is a much nicer way to shop.

Anyway, I also want to take a moment to give Cocosa some appreciation for their customer service. Earlier in the week, I foolishly hit ‘block’ on my emails, thus deleting myself from their mailing list. Smart move huh? And apparently not an easy one to undo. Their support team have been amazingly helpful and deserve some kind of award for patience. Ta!

Agate gems from the Earring Boutique

I’m well aware that agate is fast becoming this year’s owl/robot/wishbone, but as someone with a bonafide interest in geology, these Earring Boutique gems are right up my street.

My pa is really into mines, so when we were kids my brother and I spent a lot of time waist-deep in water in various caverns hundreds of feet below ground in the wiles of Wales. He also had a huge collection of semi-precious stones, which lived in a chest of drawers in the garage. Those drawers are now my dressing table, but I can still remember peering into them as a chab and seeing the carefully arranged piles of gemstones.

Sadly, I didn’t pay enough attention to know if agate really counts as a semi-precious stone, and if it does, whether high street ‘agate’ really counts, but this is one fad I’m happy to get behind. I can’t wait for the dad puns when pop sees these swinging from my ears. Literally, can’t wait.

PS The pink ones look like… well, you can see for yourself. Tee hee.

An A-OK treat from Gogo Philip

The Gogo Philip concession in Topshop Oxford Circus is a weird and wonderful place. I’ve written about it before, but the truth is, every time I shop in Topshop’s flagship branch these days, I have to make a quick diversion to Gogo for a cheap and cheerful gold jewellery purchase.

Everything in the Gogo Phillips range appears to be under a tenner – I would say it’s under a fiver, but I don’t want to make any sweeping statements… I’ve never spent more than a fiver there thus far, and have bought earrings, necklaces and bracelets. It’s a strong possibility, but I’d hate to let anyone down so let’s just go with ‘it’s cheap’. Cheap-er than Topshop’s own brand jewellery.

My latest purchase from Gogo Phillips via Topshop is this A-OK necklace. It’s a lot like a GirlProps one I’ve had my eye on for ages but I actually prefer this one. Sorry GP, you know I love you heartily. Reasons I prefer it are: a) I didn’t have to pay postage equal to a big shop in Waitrose, and b) I love the scratchy, etched text.

Another reason to love it is that I say A-OK a lot in emails. I dunno about you guys, but when I email PRs for the day job, I kind of find I write in a way that isn’t truly representative of my speech.

There’s a lot of kind regarding, of course, but also a healthy smattering of ‘love it!’-lexis, which is actually not indicative of my native Sheffield ways. At all. A-OK might not be PR speak, but it’s also something I’d never say in real life. Open that Outlook though, and it’s A-OK Brill Fab Marvo all the way.

This little beaut cost me… actually, I couldn’t say – I went feral in the Topshop sale and this was the sole moment of sanity. It was cheap, anyway.

Gogo Phillips, you’re a mystery to me. Who you are, I don’t know. Why you sell such cheap, tasteful jewellery, I also don’t know. Who your design team are, I might never discover. What I do know is that for about five days of every week, I wear all your gems.