Lady Gaga in 80s Versace

Love her or loathe her, I think most people working in the fashion and beauty industry are at least a teeny bit grateful to Lady Gaga.

Sure, she might be at saturation point, but before Gaga A-list celebrities had very much reached a plateau of beautiful beige blow-dries, bandage dresses and artful nude lip/smoky eye makeup combos.

On a professional level it is a bit tiring having to reference her in seemingly every article I write, but having someone colourful around has raised the game for everyone – and writing about blue wigs, telephone shaped hairpieces and clown makeup is definitely interesting.

The latest ┬ánews from Gaga, as you all know, is that she will be wearing exclusively Versace for the next two months after Donatella opened up the label’s archives especially for her.

This outfit is slightly OTT I suppose, but is also timely following today’s news that Versace are set to release a line for H&M.

A lot of people seem entirely uninterested, but Gaga’s outfit here is like s capsule reminder of everything I love about Versace as a label and hope to see in the collaboration; print, gold and colour. To the power of ten.

Dogs dressed up as Lady Gaga

First there was the real deal. Then came those amazing Barbies. Now, FINALLY, we have Dogs Dressed As Lady Gaga. About fucking time, right? Photographer Jesse Friedin is the brains behind this project, but unfortunately for him (her?), the project might have got just a bit more popular than anticipated as his (her?) website is down. Facebook says Jesse is ‘2010 Best Dog Photographer in the Bay Area’ – quite the achievement and surely the first of many awards now this amazing series of photographs is in existence. Which is your favourite? I’m torn between Kermit creation and the VMAs red lace look, but frankly I’d settle for any of them.
Via BuzzFeed

PS This one goes out to Laura and Laura who accompanied me in a marvellous rendition of Telephone at Lucky Voice last night.