Furcoat Christmas: My spiritual home is Vegas

This year’s Christmas gift suggestions are based around the varying facets of my personality – because I’m sure that everyone can find a bit of @furcoat inside them if they look hard enough.

In January I’m going back to Las Vegas for a fifth time. It’s for work, but what can I say? Any opportunity to gamble, drink margaritas in a swimming pool and take photos of neon signs and I find it hard to say no.

As well as making me a lucky (/irritating) beggar, I think my love of Vegas also says something about how much I love corny crap. I know plenty of people who go to Sin City more than I do for work and who hate it with a passion.

I, on the other hand, can’t get enough of it. The chemists with beer rooms in the back, the extremely efficient room service, the weddings in the street, the novelty oversized beverage containers… It’s my spiritual home.


1. Beaded Sequin Balcony Bra, £40, Topshop – everyone in Vegas should be wearing sparkly underthings, whether they’re on display or not.

2. Joey Glass Necklace, £28, Kurt Geiger – mmm holographic magic gems.

3. Acrylic Pom Pom Hat, $39, Marc by Marc Jacobs – does it even get cold enough for hats in Vegas?

4. Leather All Over Stud Gloves, £26, ASOS – Elvis gloves.

5. Noir Sunglasses, £225, Miu Miu – still really want these. God bless pink glitter.

6. Petite Gem Bead Cami, £36, Topshop – Elvis jumpsuit in slinky cami form. (Also available in non-petit.)

7. Fishs Eddy Bar Recipe Glasses, £24, Liberty – love the 50s style illustrations on these – true old school Vegas, without the sticky carpets and nanny gamblers. And, obv, they feature cocktail recipes. So all good.

8. Pearl and Stone Cross Drop Earrings, £12.50, Miss Selfridge – sparkly AND gothic.

9. Elvis Holiday Ornament Set, $24.99, ShopElvis – all Elvis, all the time. Can you IMAGINE what I’ll be like in Memphis?

10. Gold Glitter Alphabet, £3, Paperchase – gold sparkly letters to make everything in life that bit more Vegassy.

11. Wing-Time Buffalo Wing Sauce, £5.75, Harvey Nichols – for a spicy taste of America at home. A spicy, spicy taste. I could eat wings for Christmas dinner, dunno about anyone else.

12. Markus Lupfer Sequinned Initial Brooch, £15, Net-A-Porter – love anything personalised and this comes in glitter format. Sure you could DIY this but who wouldn’t be happy to unwrap a Net-A-Porter box at Christmas, eh?

13. Charbonnel et Walker Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, £9.95, House of Fraser – pigging out is part and parcel of a trip Stateside and I could happily scarf this whole box of salty goo in one mouthful. Hmm.

14. Nail Rock Digital Jewel Print Nail Wraps, £6.70, ASOS – SPARKLES on your nails that would last the entire time you’re in the desert, no matter how many wings you eat, chips you juggle or how many plug holes of vom you have to unblock. No idea where that came from, never done that.

15. Rhinestone Tweezer & and Eyelash Curler Set, £3.90, Forever 21 – wanted these for ages. Hologram magic metal AND rhinestones. Doesn’t get much more high-end than that, does it?

[Liberal sugar mice, £2.99, Fudge Factory – lol etc]

Marc Jacobs does Las Vegas

I’m making a long overdue return to Las Vegas this summer and as if being back in the bosom of my favourite place wasn’t exciting enough, there’s a new Marc Jacobs store on the strip, ready to accept my drunken dollars.

The store opened in April and to celebrate its launch, marketing maestro Marc released a series of Vegas-themed t-shirts. They’re available at Marc by Marc Jacobs stores across the globe, but really you want to be buying one when you have a plastic guitar filled with margarita around your neck, a Divas Las Vegas t-shirt on and a dead look behind your novelty sunglasses… don’t you?

Not sure I can get behind a stripper shirt, but the dollars and gambling designs are A-OK, right? There’s also scarves, belts, skateboards, playing cards, badges, fluffy dice… and all that other good stuff we’ve come to expect from Marc.

It makes sense really, in Vegas they put the word ‘Vegas’ on everything you can imagine and Marc likes to put his name on everything you can imagine – a match made in heaven.

Marc’s new home is in the Forum Shops, Caesar’s Palace, 3500 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

[Clockwise from top left: Mink Dice Set, $950; Vegas Badge Pin, $10; Vegas Tee, $35; Vegas Champion Belt Buckle, $295; Vegas Skate Decks, $79 each; Playing Cards, $10; Vegas Champion Belt Buckle, $295; Vegas Bandana, $10 – all Marc by Marc Jacobs Special Items]

Bargains from Bonanza

I think it would be fair to say that I spent a large portion of the Vegas trip in souvenir shops. Luckily for me, my girlfriends have similarly bad taste so they didn’t put up too much of an objection to my persistent need to hang out in dollar stores/chemists/hotel gift shops, rubbing my hands with glee at the tat before me.

In fact, after our very grown up and cultural trip to the Grand Canyon, we ended up making an emergency stop at Bonanza – allegedly the biggest souvenir shop in the world. We’d heard a lot about this mystical place but not managed to find it so as we sped past it in a minibus home, it’s safe to say all hell broke loose. Our kindly chauffeur promptly did a U-turn across the highway and dropped us right outside the front door, even offering to wait outside until we’d finished. God bless America.

Here are a couple of my favourite buys, plus one I posted yesterday. I would apologise for the creasing but dude, I just got back from my holiday and have been back at work.

This is probably one of the most hideous things I own, and that’s saying something. It is, however, very glittery and gold. I dunno, they were four for $20 and we decided that was too good a deal to miss. I love the completely awful lettering, the fact they split Las Vegas in to LAS VE GAS for no logical reason, the replicate Las Vegas with a big gold star, the women’s outfits… the complete lack of spacial awareness.

Here’s that Divas Las Vegas shirt in full, ‘signed’ by Frankie Marino’s own fair lips. I’d have bought this even if the show wasn’t the best thing I’d ever seen; look at it! Reminds me of old nail salon window art… obvo.

Just about the most 90s shirt I own. I couldn’t refuse the graphics on this one — combined with the neon felt tip colour and amazingly average renditions of LV’s most famous sites… it was a total no-brainer.

Divas Las Vegas: the best show on the strip?

I’m back, although more in body than mind. Drinking a cocktail boot of piña colada then sleeping in the sun hours before getting on a plane does do funny things to the mind…

It’s impossible to pick a highlight of such an awesome trip but one of the many would have to be our trip to Divas Las Vegas, the all singing, all dancing ‘female impersonator’ show headed up by the amazing Frank Marino – no, not that one.

The show consists of spectacular drag renditions of too many divas to mention, including my beloved Cher. I was gutted that the woman, the legend had taken time out from her Las Vegas residency during the week that we were in town, but Steven Wayne’s rendition more than made up for it. He also appeared as Celine Sealion Dion in one of the funniest, most astute tributes I’ve ever seen in my life, but Celine’s costume is nothing compared to Cher.

Filming is banned, so there’s not much to show. Sadly no Cher, but I did find this beauty. Behold!

I sincerely suggest you see it when you’re in sin city. They also have stellar merch…

Just a devil with love to spare

Sorry for the lack of posting, it’s been a busy ol’ week. Last night was Deftones at ULU (!!), tonight is KISS (!!) and then, well, it’s my birthday. In other exciting news, my trip to Vegas is now officially happening so I need to buy an entire themed wardrobe for my adventures. Despite Nevada being a land-locked state, something about the cheese of Vegas has got me wanting corny Hawaiian print clothes and nothing else. Luckily for me, there’s a shit tonne of that around at the moment.

Ashish Hibiscus Sequin Skirt, £475. Love this and they also have sequinned board shorts which are… amazing?

Love Miss Daisy 1960s palazzo suit, £70

Thought this was a maxi but actually pleasantly surprised that it’s a palazzo suit. I am aiming to incorporate some palazzo pants AT LEAST into the poolside section of my holiday wardrobe. I can’t believe I only just discovered this vintage site, it’s tops.

River Island Hawaiian Print Day Dress, £24.99

Saw this everywhere and loved it then saw it in store and discovered the sequin embellishment. Nicht so gut.

Topshop Hawaiian Print Playsuit, £28

Can’t see this being enormously flattering [enormous being the word] but I love the photographic print which is also on a bunch of other garments.

JOY Vintage Surf Print Dress, £35

Love this print but has anyone ever bought clothing from JOY? I don’t know anyone that has… Maybs I’ll pay a visit or make one of you goons that work at IPC check it out for me…

Rokit Pink Tropical Print Dress, £25

Tropical maxi. Is anything better for drinking beer out of a cowboy boot? No, no it isn’t. Speaking of which, can anyone remind me what bar it is where you can do that?

All that tropical goodness then obviously lead to this;