Style icon: Betty Draper horseriding

I wasn’t really planning on writing another Mad Men post quite so soon after my last, but I am currently internet-less (I KNOW) and TV-less, and while it sucks dogs for quarters, it also means I am pretty much ploughing through my boxset.

Betty Draper; discuss. I’ve done a total 180, and now hate her quite passionately. Still, there’s no denying she looks good while being evil.

Her frou-frou party dresses and booze-stained house frocks certainly have a place, but my favourite Betty looks this season have definitely been when she’s down at the stables. Without giving anything away, Betty spends a lot of time with the horses at the start of the series, and, as with anything she does, she always has the perfect oufit for the scene.

Equestrian gear is a no-brainer anyway, but there’s something about a prim (outwardly at least) 60s housewife riding at a swanky country club that just results in a perfect look. In the Luella book (which is next on my list of things to blog about when I get a second, and Internet access), Ms Bartley talks about how a hacking jacket is one of her wardrobe essentials. I concur. I have two, and would like more.

The tweedy, country show look never goes out of style, particularly when matched with an Hermes scarf and velvet helmet. Note: check out that perfect bun. Other points of note; camel, leather gloves, pearls…

It’s such a perfect head-to-toe look, and almost makes me wish I’d been interested in riding as a child. Such a demure activity. I’d love to be one of those types that goes hacking in Hyde Park now, especially dressed like this.

These fabulous pictures are from my favourite fabulous blog; Project Rungay. Yup.

Mad Men: The Illustrated World

I had planned this weekend to do another Mad Men post, inspired this time by Betty Draper’s fabulous equestrian gear – has anyone ever looked so stylish having a nervous breakdown?

I was all raring to go, anyway, when this morning I got an email about the new Dyna Moe book, Mad Men: The Illustrated World. Betty can wait, this is far more important.

Out just in time for Christmas (on sale November 25!), this beautiful book is the only officially licensed tie-in to the series, and features page after pager of glorious Mad Men appreciation. SWOON.

I am eagerly awaiting a preview copy, but I can already reveal that highlights include:


Sally Draper’s drink menu, (because toddlers should learn to mix a Tom Collins at the earliest age possible), hangover remedies, and in-law-appropriate recipes.


Things every secretary should know (discretion and dry-cleaning, presumably?), how to deal with difficult clients, and, maybe, how to get wee out of your trousers before that all important presentation.


Joan dress up paper dolls!! Beehive how-tos!! Advice on ‘not dressing like a little girl’, perhaps?


Dance like Pete (PHWOAR), brush up on horsemanship skills, and maybe even a few one-liners from everyone’s favourite comedian, Jimmy Barrett?

I’m so excited to see this, and without stating the obvious, it would make an amazing gift for any Mad Men worshipping friend this festive season.

Just a note on the lovely illustrations – they are the work of Dyna Moe, the artist behind the marvellous Mad Men Yourself game.

Style icon: Rachel Menken

I know I’m about three years late to the party with Mad Men, but I’m finally here. I think the problem with our burgeoning relationship was that I was so obsessed with The Wire that when it ended I thought I’d never love again. What could possibly fill the hole? Nothing, that’s what. Everyone told me I’d love Mad Men, but I didn’t want to hear it. On paper it sounded right for me, but I didn’t want to replace my first love. I wasn’t in the right place. At least I wasn’t for three years or so. I still think about The Wire all the time, but I’ve decided that now it’s time for me to make a little bit of space in my heart for someone new.

I’m currently on season one, episode ten, and while the internet has RUINED Mad Men for me, spoiler-wise, I’m still enjoying it immensely. Predictably, the clothes are KILLING ME, but everything about it is ace really. The office smoking and drinking is fascinating/amazing. Today someone at work cleared out their desk and found a photo of them in the office in the 70s, havin’ a fag. It’s so hard to get your head round, although I did temp at a national paper where whisky from a crystal decanter at all hours was a part of the working life.

Anyway, forget Betty, Peggy, and Joan; my favourite wardrobe of season one belongs to Don’s pal, Rachel Menken. She shares my name, she’s Jewish, she’s a feminist; what’s not to love? All these pictures are from the AMAZING Tom and Lorenzo blog. Top work chaps, much appreciated.